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Impression endless time 
Divides two tribes in space 
Vanishing front line 
On the edge of our dreams 
Impressions within time 
Lonely souls
Wayne Watson
 Isaiah 29:13/Jeremiah 51:17-18/Exodus 20:3
My temple is built on wood and of stone
Each space is filled with the things that I own
by three small nails
With the rising of the son
The chains of death have come undone
So ring the bell both loud and deep
The Lord ain't dead nor
Emptiness surrounding me
Tearing me down, tearing me down
Dark like a black deep space
Voiding my soul, voiding my soul

Calmness raping my mind
All the thoughts you never see
You are always thinking
Brain is wide, the brain is deep
Oh, are you sinking?

Feel the path of every day
Deep in the heart of the infinite darkness
A tiny blue marble is spinning through space
Born in the splendor of god's holy vision
And sliding away
I've got a love full of wide open spaces 

I've got a big love
Wild and free
Room to grow
As big as your dreams
Deep as a river in a raging flood
I've got a love full of wide open spaces

I've got a big love wild and free
Room to grow as big as your dreams
Deep as a river in a raging flood
sometimes fought
A young nigga in the ghetto
With plenty of dreams
Surrounded by the police
And many of fiends
At 13 started mobbin'
14 started robbin'
flee across the abyss

Severing the fetal cords spawning fusions by the thousands
Through bent space created black channel - pagan relay
a routine he can't stand 
And at night he dreams of wide-open spaces 
Fresh dirt between his toes and on his hands 

Then one day a picture came inside
Written by ricky & kim wilde

I want to tell you of a place that I recall
Where you're drawn by the seduction
And the beauty of it all
You can step
If you should ever go blind
I promise I'll be your eyes
I pledge of allegiance and die right by your side
Because I love you so much

And I love
never find anyone

I walk on a winding road
In the deep of the night, near the edge of the known
I pass by a moonlit lake
And a cold wind blows
The old man used to dream of the fortune he'd seek
Now he lives in the room where you pay by the week
His hands're all bothered and his pony's gone
used to be you made a brand new me.

You found the love I lost somewhere deep inside my soul
In prison by the darkness left to die out in the cold
brand new screen show
I hear laughter, it's my birthday, I'm eighteen years old
I'm on gates between Monroe, eight fiends and young hoes
The flake dreams
Surely this dream of consciousness
Flows to the sea
Where drifting I found
That I can be
I'm really getting to know the empty space
dreams had come true
Deep down I know somehow
I'd have never seen your face

This world would be a different place
Darling there's no way to know
Which way
where to go but here with my dreams
The shadows close in, the doubts start to flow
There's nowhere to look but deep in my soul
You are whispering
From one to another with space in between 
For the lessons you learn and the dreams that you dream

But tell me what happens when dreams don’t come
Watching the stars in the deep space
Out of his agony

In the white land of dreams there is a way
High mountains and forests
Words on the wind that
The old man used to dream of the fortunes he'd seek
Now he lives in a room where you pay by the week
His hands are all battered and his pony's gone
Marvel at the beauty of space 

Never shed a tear to cry time goes by 
Playing a game with your mind 
Fall into a deep organic sleeping titanic
deepest dream, I don't ever want to wake up
I'll fight till I die, I won't say goodbye, and I won't let this pass me by


Let's run away