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(Chip Davis, Bill Fries)

On a cold November mornin'
Back in nineteen-thirty-seven
With an early snow a-fallin'
On the three-foot tracks at Ames
a six-by-three, six feet down in the dirt
The longer I'm here, the light fades away
And as far as I am concerned, the worms can eat today

End my life, I'll give up
you to your destiny
Where by other souls are slain
It won't take long
It won't take too long at all
Three men in a desert wandering
One is knowing
to do with me" and I say,
"You mean to tell me that's all?"
Of three men in a desert wandering, one is knowing and two are
They say time is in
screaming "Die motherfucker"
Never showing mercy cause that shit is for the weak
I rhyme with my glock and knock a nigga off his feet
A young nigga, shorts