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back at my pad."
We got to my house we walked through the door
Threw on "Night and Day" by

Al. B Sure

She grabbed me, gave me kiss on the lips
So I
Me and my Omie, we settled down here in Houston
Oh, and one by one, we moved my sisters west
We bought a house in the suburbs and we've got four fine
can't get enough of Whitney Houston
And I'm thinking 'Lord, that's all I need to know'

So when the night was over, I walked her to her door
And I bid
Move over Whitney Houston, I'm not losing 
By the way woman, yo, my name's not Susan 
It's the Akenyel, I rock well and with more clientel 
Then a guy
you all like Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's marriage
One big joke

It's your complex that got your carryin glocks and tecs
It's your complex that