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is to make bread or get laid
See my daughter need some shoes and my mom work overtime
So I'm standin' by that stop sign with nickels and them dimes
many bodies hidden behind the decimal point
A number's got a name, a name's got a face
And a face should have a future and a place that's safe
couldn't place a decimal on the paper I'm makin'
Fly man can't appreciate on castles creation
No wonder y'all keep hatin'
Is L really ? young boy's
I grow in it?
Throw a booth in the place, imagine how I'd flow in it
Outer space bars, Ozs to the face, y'all
Bowl by the hottub in case, y'all
I place no faith in the majority.

Auto matic, just for my people.
Auto matic, just for my crew.
Auto matic; if you're wack then you'll