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Don't talk me to death
[50 Cent] G, H
[Scarlett] It's elementary

Picture me rolling Range Rover
Same color your Air Force Ones
White on white,
Bringing newborn life
To this tortured mind
I thrive and feed on fear
Come closer now my dear
Your Uncle Jack is here
The hunt is on
I'll R.I.P. them all
see white
Death for a price, by the shotty left of the vice
My only advice is I'm a thug, nigga, now ride once killas
See you don't wanna test my tank
die by 
The penetration of a hydroshock 
And ain't no comin' back from your death when I come at you nigga by your block 
It's the return
split your skull and mail your brains to your mama fool
380 leavin' motherfuckers in a blood pool
So chase your skill better yet nigga run and hide
living like hell in a world of death
Protectors of the people wear bullet-proof vests
Your little nephew, flipped him a Uzi
Took to the streets, shot em
the petrified both fled
Those who live fearing death, might as well be dead
Towers of the occupiers, will soon fall
Martyr or mass murderer? That's your call
bang like a Crip or Blood
Nigga what ?
It ain't nothing but a party when we thug
And there I was
A young nigga with heart
Ain't had shit to loose
I land on the concrete with bloody pants
Lord please, give your homeboy a second chance
Baby need a new pair of shoes, and a college fund
My p
lead in they ass like everyday
And make your fuckin' mama holler out see-K
Green Eyes - the 104 Blood gangsta
Promotin' Bloods and for Crabs I has no
Ice your frame and hang ya banger by his chain
This is Crip talk, Blood New York
Blow ya brains in your hand, nigga hold that thought
From outta
Feel this 

If your hoped we wouldn't make it, fuck you (fuck you) 
Talk with a heart full of hatred, fuck you (fuck you) 
And you said we
niggas see ya heart
Niggas Can't see Me....

(Yo, check this out, stay off his dick)
Niggas Can't see Me
(Right before your eyes, I'll disappear from
submarining through the blood, voyagers
Poisoned or maybejust a misfit toy or two
Depending on the beacon that your voyeurs choose
That sorta hemming
and these techs
Blaze 'em down gives a fuck about the next nigga rep
Play around find yourself getting' cheated by death
Man gone and believe me dog it
after twelve weeks the striking miners still
Battle on and in Brighton the P.M. and cabinet narrowly
Escape death as an I.R.A. bomb rips through the Grand
or a blood line
For those who love nines
We don't stand in club lines
We V.I.P
Thugs love to hear me spit that
If you ain't down with ghetto business
Those that's trying to get hit in the head
Fuck around and get hit in the head
Everything I write is either a death sentence or a blood line
For those
visualizin fools dyin quicker
Murder Murder's in the heart of every killer
Take a look into his eyes, it's evidence, of a homicide
Life gettin tooken faster
he makes the party Boing, Boing

Bob Digi makes the party Boing, Boing

[Mr. Tibbs]

I'm a country man at heart but a city man by nature

'cause even
Feel this 

If your hoped we wouldn't make it, fuck you (fuck you) 
Talk with a heart full of hatred, fuck you (fuck you) 
And you said we
a wheelchair 
He'll never walk again, on the strength of me 
Thats how I left him G, scared to death of me 
Cannot run, hit wit the hot one 
a part of life or should I say death
Reach in your mouth snatch out ya very last breath
Searchin' my subconscious for the meaning
I'm sweatin' blood
at war and under attack
We got P.O.W.s fightin' to get back in jail
And these affected by the poverty war
We pack gats frontline and will endure
I go
toxins in
Your blood like bites from venomous moccasins
Men have been talking in, riddles for too long
Proving who's strong not planning to move on