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the parkin lot pointin out the window 
Stuck off indo bumpin my nigga see Bo 
Bitches all in my business 'cause they think I move kilo's 
I, call my
featuring be	-Real 

[Mr. Duke] 

I told the tower of power we can work together 

But I guess they rather see wars and scars better
[Featuring The Lady Of Rage] 

Verse One: Kurupt, Daz 

Now here's the perfect niche to let it bubble and foam 

Wait these seconds then
or till my adversary declines
I've trained in weapons, mic chucks and deadly spinning vinyl
The drunk munk breathing aerosol till I'm a krylon wino
Earl ]
I'm the P-r-e-a-c-h-e-r, uh
Preacher Earl and I'm considered a superstar
Pick up the microphone and I proceed to rock 'n roll
By the time I