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All-seeing instrument. Supreme perception
Omnifocal accumulator
Thief of integrity. Its gaze upon the blind
Information divinity by man designed
on the charts
And when that leaves you feelin all cold and empty
They just add another verse by a dead MC
Rappers nowadays come a dozen for a dime
But true
could you fill with all the people killed in war, 
Now you look me in my eyes and tell me whats its good for.

Battlecry Remix
As interpolated by Bone
and dangerous, but that's the way shit goes

This nigga needs no introductions
I'm on this book, and I'm stuck, I'm really the wrong one to fuck wit
back-to-back holdin my brothers down
[S.S.] You done started, with the wrong motherfucker now
[I.T.] Married to the cause and we loyal, we don't fuck around
to do."

(Verse 1)
Like sand through the hourglass
So are the days of our lives
And for that lie, only we thrive
Awakenings, as we make the dead come