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On the streets that go by number
Still can't figure out how to get home
There is no life lines, only dead lines
Sure picked a fine time to be born
seen, he was
Never heard
Passin' by like a sleepin' bird 

(2 x)

He took his time, when he shot him through the head
Before he hit the floor the boy was
Travon’s girl call to speak to him, yeah yeah yeah
He was standing outside his daddy's home
He was all alone, on the cellphone
About 7:16 the call goes dead
Sorrounded by americans dressed like the vietcom
See that kid, 16, try to cop a gat
Ever since he was a brat he been a copy-cat
And he ain't scared to pull
rain down and drippin' ya skin
Let the slug hit ya crown and rip up ya limbs
I'm the illest fuckin' rapper alive
Give me 16 shots, I can crack you in
and hard like Jack Frost bit me
So many new flows old flows start to panic
It's time they got built by the mic mechanic
y'all heard, I stay in hood