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Afghanistan, a watch dog in a nervous land
They're only there to lend a hand short memory
Wake up in sweat at dead of night
And in the tents new rifles hey
of forever

Scars, broken hearts
Breaking in cars
Running in the light of the moon
Lost souls
Bottle rockets
All that we wanted
It's for our life
without you
With a hole in our hearts
With a hole in our hearts

You mad dog shaven head, bottle boy freaks
In martens and khaki drunk on sake
and Mike
Driving down Van Dyke
Get my dick sucked late at night by a fuckin' transvestite
Still on probation for strangling my boy Jason
Should be taking my
dress, on a sad night

One straw in a root beer
A compact with a cracked mirror
And a bottle of evening in Paris perfume

He told her to wait in by
dress, on a sad night
One straw in a root beer
A compact with a cracked mirror
And a bottle of evening in Paris perfume
He told her to wait in by
dog shaven head bottle-boy freaks
In Martens and khaki, drunk on sake
You stare at yourself in the cruel flush of dawn
Terrified, sunken eyed,
I saw a dirty overcoat
At the foot of the pillar of the road
Propped inside was an old man
Whom time would not erode
When the night was snapped by
Come on bro, we can both fall down
Remember the dead boys
Got a big old cheap plastic bottle of gin
Nasty, but it'll do you in
Got to keep on talkin' so
To the memory of Rosin the Beau
To the memory of Rosin the Beau
To the memory of Rosin the Beau
Let them drink out of half gallon bottles
To the memory of Rosin
Got so much trouble
Hate this job
Tried to get out
Trapped like a dog
No I don't like

Pumpin' gas
Do ya hate to wait
Life's a game
the territory 
So in memory of my dog I write a lyric 
Straight hopin' melodies travel from my mind to your spirit 
Hear it when I get biz for K-Von, I'm
Bring that bucket in here. Get some ice, man. Two more bottles of brew man.

Peace to the God, peace dog.
Pull out a little liquor,
Shame on a nigga,
Yesterday arrived too quickly
Caught me right off guard
My defense moved in too slowly
Missed it by a yard
I'd just settled down
With a bottle
Ah fuck that shit look
Can't tell if I'm a little withdrawn
Or dead dog sent to quote/unquote live on a farm
The coke bottles tint film noir
toward drug dependency
Smokin blunts endlessly, downin bottles of Hennessy
My peoples pour liquor in memory
Of the dead, when I'm gone I wonder how many
Sure I'll die young, all the greats do,
I'll leave sincerity.
Sure I'll die young.
Dead by 37.
tight to the contours of your body
And the dead grass stuck to fibers from us rolling in the lay-by
Were passed to dog-haired blankets
That protected
he disappeared
Confirming everything that I feared
The time passed is shown by the length of his beard

Solomon stands, dead on his feet
hangovers and bottles on my floor. 
My mangled memory is making me mistake misfortune for forgiveness. 

I don't think I'll make it out alive. 
So promise
Chased by a shot of Scotch whiskey, brew brisky
For sixty years, misty bottles of Crysty in the freezer
Red twist leaf, melted in spliffy, Cali blunt
I take a walk I mow the grass
I don't worry 'bout
The years that pass
My wife is dead I live alone
In my little country home
I have my memories
a midnight to eight
The radio said they'd ID'd the plates
Left three men dead
Made their escape
By now, said the sheriff
They'll be in the next state
KIll the ones that speak from a different life 
Brewin other killer noise makin the sentiment...
Okay, welcome to the Kamikaze bottle rocket cockpit
I'm being followed home,
I'm being followed home,
I don't know what for, 
I don't know by whom.
The smell of your dress,
A face in the rain,