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and fill your mouth
It's suicide to run your life by I

There's hunger there is violence
People butchered for their beliefs
Someone else's tears don't
Suicide obsession in a world of betray
Taunted into silence and then bury the rage
Deep depression darkness fed, pull the trigger count the dead
by nails
My lips are glazed with words of rebirth in praise of death
I grasp for air in the submergence of my own sin
Clinical silence for the seed
?round the dead bodies
Picking them up and bashing them around
Shredded by rocks and smashed into ruins
Dismembered by the blows and crushed by rubble
Once beloved now lost forever
Wings of Angel torn by malignance

Why wasn't it me?
Living in a shadow of death
I wish it was a dream

I won't

Dear god
Is it suicide
I have never been a man of passions

I believe what the prophets said
That the oceans hold their dead
But at night
can we see his grace
Yes I was wrong storing treasures in a mortal land
God help me so I won't fall again
Betrayed by the silence around the table
and raising the dead.
Christian swine, beat and blessed, crucified,
Christ was wrong, saints be gone, genocide,
Hand in hand, it is time, suicide.
divorce our current leaders with no remorse 
Crash course position the miniature plastic soldiers 
Onto the carefully drafted, disastered dirt war 
What is
And it made me want to scream
Tear my face off run through the streets
Pandemonium me, fucked by decree
Came a long way from young and alive when I was