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Be there for your summer.
Be dead by the winter.
Be there for the summer.
Be dead by your winter
Be there for the summer.
Be dead by your winter
Taken by surprise
Sleeping dead arise
Sleeping dead arise
For the day

Winter goes away
Winter goes away
Winter goes away
Winter goes away
Through the winter's woods
To the giddy edge of light
We shut the door on pain
Those tales are dead - dead forever
A wind must agree
To blow us
Spring is past, winter's coming on.
Summer's dead, winter's coming on.
All of my hopes for the future now are gone.
All of my battle's are lost,
of freedom.
Cold winter nights, cold winter dreams,
Don't try to tear me apart; cold winter dreams
Words & Music by
By Robin Williamson

I will remember
Even when I'm dead
A long winter's night
You came stealing to my bed

O and the snow was falling
White all
Within the year his enemies dead!
Cultivating ideals so serene
Created by minds far supreme
Before day break there were none
And as it broke there was one
The moon, the sun, it goes on'n'on

The winter better was warm
The summer
Autumn - the time of darkness and decay
Life's running shorter day by day

Winter -has gripped the land in cold caress
He's all alone and deeply
Getting found's got a much higher cost

I made my way to the 26th floor
I got off on 13 and climbed 13 more
Down in the basement, under security locks
were 13
And you walked outside and thought that things were cool

It's the wrong time to sit and cry by yourself
When you didn't end up going to indo
would meet death and his soul would leave his body
And after having completed the 13 steps the condemned man was met by a giant cloaked figure
And with
died by oppressive hands.

13 people lost their lives that Sunday,
Women, children and innocent men.
Many wounded lay crying in agony,
The knights
know just how it's gonna feel
Like not to be alive anymore 

I'll be dead by X-mas now anyway 
Tell me will you remember me that day
When you've
collide with innocence and hatred

Fourteen days and fourteen lives
Random victims are my prey
13 dead unlucky strike
So many more

Under the pain, I
a long hard road to hoe
But you stuck right by me smiling grey eyes you know
Hard times took the blue from your eyes
Leaving them grey as the winter's
Marching our way through the crypts of the dead
Taking his land by command
Killing our victims and taking no slaves
Hitler's final third reich
To see them all.

1984 was a year to fear
Hope was dead, a police state here
Halley's comet was to fly by
And we would see a shining in
a form
Winter Martyrium

Dead civilization on a mission
Lead by gods
Etiquette creates a cause
To turn your back from life
Secrets never told before
Orange lamps shine by willow bay
Ice covers from the lake to where I lay
In a state
In which I dream

If you were here
Winter wouldn't pass quite so
a dream, 
I know just how it's gonna feel
Like not to be alive anymore 

I'll be dead by Xmas now anyway, 
Tell me will you remember me that day
on a winter's night,
It glistens and it sparkles in the moonlight,
But it's gone by the morning, how quickly it melts,
You still love her but she loves someone
He barely gets out these days
His body ruined by a dead end job
Let go after forty years
He was replaced
When younger faster
Workers came along

wishes he was dead
Or do you pull your bedclothes higher
Dream of summertime instead?
When winter comes howling in

The creeping cold has fingers
as the source of life. The dead spirits were frightened by the women and fled into the darkness. As the Eskimo band picked up their song, the women gathered in