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The Weeknd

CHORUS:  The Godfather Rock TE ]
Once upon a drive-by it was me and the Ganxta are?dd
MC's try to sweat the dawg, this is what he did
[ singing ]
Time is
To the City Attorney, but have filled out form DD 3018, please press 6.
Of course, if you have not had your eyes tested by your local
Department of Motor
(Tell em what it is)

[ VERSE 1: Ganxta are?dd ]
Don't mess with a riot, we're prisoners of emotion
How politicians figure they have the potion?
[ VERSE 1: Ganxsta are?dd ]
Bail on stage with a gangster lean
Busters duck once I'm on the scene
Opponents went out the do'
The innocents hit
    Enemy Lyrics
    by The Weeknd

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models, y'all got reasons to believe me
Keeping it breezy, just me and my Weeknd CD
Wanna fly in for the week and you see me
Can tell I be beating it
a mi ya no busques otros senderos
te perdono por que sin tu amor 
se me parte el corazon

[By Dd]
girlfriend, loving the crew, The Weeknd
The new Giuseppe's, I had to purchase by the bundle
Them presidential Benz's, you can tell I'm doing numbers
Hey homes
It's Psyklone, vato
Psyko Funk in the house

[ VERSE 1: Ganxsta are?dd ]
Well, I remember in September you was walkin around the club
I got 18 plus speed (uh huh)
With a plus 2 dagger from the Tomb of Horrors, D&D
(We cave heads in wit a brick) We Do
We fuck hotties with tha same
wondered what she would think of that
What if I had wowed her with some fiction
Over wine and crackers by a lakeside?
Would she have just stood back up
get by your brain
Now ain't it good to you?

Ah-yo Keith, how you say?
Just another Boogie Down Bronx Ultramagnetic sure shot
Done at the Ultra lab
had ‘em in one o’ my warehouses by the dock
Jumped in the Benz with a ill look, no grin
With a still hook, I’ma ‘bout to do this coward in
When I got
we go back
Back up in D&D on this Primo track, listen

I'm so gangsta prissy chicks don't wanna fuck with me
"Iceberg, Slim baby ride rims"
I'm so
D'la hi', du paki sur le parking, on a détaillé v'là les los-ki
K.O.R.O, F.E.Y, beleck
Drive by harbat select select
C'est pour mes rats ta3 DD et
learned from the best man)
Because we only see what you're doin'
But I see ya.

Where we at?
This right here is for my triple Gs with the double D-D
My momma send me by my grandma, my grandma flipped out
An said we ain't gone have no evil in this house
So I rolled out, scoped me out an sold out
your body don't stop don't miss)

Man she got me in the zone when I watch this broad pass by
Been becking at this bitch all night but this my last try
of clothes I remember havin' rocks in the hall
Onn the glimmer with the glock by the ball
Servin' up a jab and workin' security six to six
Then it's
they money back
Wit half a weed and these whole DD, oh, nigga I'm smokin' that

I smoke 'em back to back, a whole dime or half bag
And the whole time
claimin` that there better I`m 
 tickled, ya must be like Sanford on the ripple little by little, I 
 kick verses from the middle of my brain, the Riddler
up now
Let's get this window pane and shut the fuck down
Down by the river where the litter sits
And lionheart critters smoke dope and act like
Â??Dungeons and Dragonsâ?? by Dr. Demento

Narrator: Dungeons and Dragons, Satan's game. Your children like it or not, are attracted in their weaker
Â??Dungeons and Dragonsâ?? by Dr. Demento

Narrator: Dungeons and Dragons, Satan's game. Your children like it or not, are attracted in their weaker
that bass, that's the crowd's main thing
Bass that ultimate choice
Sprayin' MC's by the shot of my voice
Posses claim old school and new school