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don't cry
I had visions of Missy with her money by the tub
Ching! Ching! Jackpot, I think I'm in love
I'm looking for Missy now so I can get my back
All the girls that hold it down, getting beat on by they man
Respect women, I don't care if they a 2 or a 10
We don't beat on Kat Stacks, we just
on the jeans Matt wore
To the first show. We're on the road

May 22nd, '06
Zoli just tried to ignite a Roman candle stick
We're troubling the stateside with
Snakes too crudoo for you
Nigga catch deja vu 
When I'm aimin my gat at you


It's time ta make it happen
Fuck the yappin
I'mma, step