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of stories they could tell
Meet the crack of dawn. A freeway starts to roll
An owl hoots its last goodbye to a coyote on patrol
Each day keeps me guessin',
of the dawn
The morning has arrived you must be gone
And the lost patrol chase their chartered souls
Like old whores following tired armies

Train them
and death registrar

With claws that rake a furrow red
Licensed to mutilate
From warm milk on a lazy day
To dawn patrol on hungry hate

No, the mouse police
sensed the fear
Of silent thoughtful men
Who prayed that wives and families
Might see them once again

The bishops sent a dawn patrol
To investigate
that sign on me
I said take it down
When the dawn patrol got to tell you twice 
They're gonna do it with a shotgun 
Yes, I'm cashing in this ten-cent
Trough the Circle of Dawn
I shall lead my race
from which I was born
at the hallowed place.
Keepers of the Black Steel,
hiders of the Flame,
There's an old child's swing set on the lawn
And an ivied wall lured by the years
A neckerchiefed spaniel patrols the swamp
And drinks from
of the border patrol
But you made it, you're another one over
Sleeping on a bench in a railway station
In the heart of Europe
Haven't eaten anything for two days
and bring fatal winds that birth harm
Create alarm by dawn they're releasing the bomb
And we?re unaware, numb, entranced like shakes charmed
Fatal bond
spun out by and American dream, 
Only memories of ghosts that patrol this place 
And this land, your land is a terminal case 

You're singing holy
of brotherhood back in his cut palm
It sucks, it's nauseating dawn crawling with bugs
They seem attracted to the matters ofthe morally snubbed
See my ‘goodnight
golden, hot like molten rock 
Niggas come bold but leave here holding jock 
High roll patrol, roll through the set on fifth 
Arm's solo, sipping ?molo
guerillas performin drive-bys up on ya gangstas
Strapped the Cadillacs, my lyrical assault murder weapon
I'll blow ya rips out ya mid-section
get out of it
Any and all should fall, many are small should call
Naughty By Nature the creator of all y'all
Show hope, show no hope and can't cope,
E Fresh sayin we was nothin'
You don't believe that, you know I called his bluffin'
Made 'em go buy a click and put 'em on patrol
You know P-O-E-T
on the ceiling, 
But the rosy fingers of dawn always inserted themselves
In the nose of unfulfilled promises. 
Angels sang "Heysanna, Hosanna".