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[Young Chris]
Young, Gunz
Chris and Neef
The home of Philly
Tough love, first time around
We got now we don't care who got next

[Verse One]
Bentley said to Craig "Let him have it Chris"
They still don`t know today just what he meant by this
Craig fired the pistol, but was too young
Chris Youlden-Chrysalis Music Ltd.
Don't worry 'bout the morning
Because the day might never come
Don't worry 'bout the future
Just stay while
B-1 is for the good girls. It's only the good die young. 
C-9 is for the making eyes. It's paradise by the dashboard light. 
D4 is for
the rap gods
I slither through the streets like a boa constricter
On my car dashboard got the gangsta pictures
Sportin leather and energy , could that be
Young and I’m getting it, young and I’m getting it
Young and I’m getting it, I’m just young and I don’t give a shit
I just want the money, y’all can
Young and I’m getting it, young and I’m getting it
Young and I’m getting it, young and I’m getting it
I’m just young and I don’t give a shit
need each other more than ever, don't leave me by myself..

Young Chris... (check it)
Young Neef..
Together for ever, Neef & see
I give
`Cause they be talkin’ beef, I be up in Ruth’s Chris

Who is this at the door, I think it’s the devil don’t let him in
Just rap and take my niggas
Give me a sign
Give me a reason to hold on
I?m holding on
What is a life
A series of moments all in a line
Just passing by

And so I lay here awake
[Young Chris talking]
Where that pian sat at (uh)
Young Gannas (chea) What up niggas;
Niggas got till January to get they shit together;
You hear
This is the business
Prepare to take witness
To the type of ish that we on, we on
By the time that you get there
We already been there
We done
A parody of "Riding With Private Malone" (Written by Thom Shepherd and Weed Newton. Recorded by David Ball)
New lyrical adaptation by Cledus T. Judd
[Black Child + Charli Baltimore]
My nigga Ja sold more records then a {O.G.}
Ty flyin by in 'Lac truck like a {O.G.}
And Gotti's dough's
you what they call pain, in the eyes of O.G.
Go Nas, you as young as OD

[Black Child]
My nigga Ja sold more records then a {O.G.}
Ty flyin by in
David Usher: Lead vocals; backing vocals
Jonathan Gallivan: Electric guitars
Kevin Young: Synths, piano
Steve Zsirai: Bass guitar
Chris Taylor-Munro:
know it's part of the green bags
Visualize the shepherd and the green jets
Wait until I get on the haters is gonna hate it
And miss young Chris
King Chris Coyne, Total Shams, and Shoeless Jed
Wise Chyld King, Sean and Reshma, Coll and Brian
Darkhorse Jack setting things on fire at Glass
Nothin' matters, so we might as well.

Everybody's bakin' in the sun,
Come and party, do it while we're young.
Move your body, when you hear the drum.
to M-Easy (what up fam?)
Oskino and Sparks and Freeweezy (holla!)

Mickey, Mallory, Chris and Neef, hey!
All I need is the love of my crew
The whole
again, add it to wax


[Young Chris]
It's not a game I'm from Philly
Go by the name, Young Chris, or Young Gunner
Know my partner Young
money to make

[Chorus - Young Neef]

[Young Chris]
Uh, Uh, Yo, A'yo
Young Gunna, just another victim of the ghetto nigga
Post and Pivot
Dem Boyz got purp, Dem Boyz got haze
Dem Boyz got glocks, Dem Boyz got K's
Dem Boyz got blocks, Dem Boyz gettin paid

(Young Jeezy)
If its
Hopping out the Saab
Chris Hansen
Dancin’ in a Swiss mansion
Shorty gorgeous
Daddy keep the wrist handsome
Old Impalas
Keep them jumping like they
to the slaughter
If a woman in the bomb, you know I fire quarter
I talk a beast, my wine be a partner
If it’s some of them all, Chris the young rapper
Come up them