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Silent woman in the night, you came 
Took my seed from my shaking frame 
Same old fire, another flame 
And the wheel rolls on 

Silent woman
Dorie, Dorie, Dorie by the firelight, 
Come and dance with me. 
Blazing in the night, the fire grows.

Come and shout and sing, 
and grace
We carried the eternal flame
With an undying hope and a blazing conviction
Of a truth that would never fade
We were glowing in the dark
the kingdom of madness and the tales from the old

Death by our hands, for the higher command
As the darkness surrounds us hear the cries as they fall
There is a candle in every soul 
Some brightly burning, some dark and cold 
There is a Spirit who brings fire 
Ignites a candle and makes His home
Blackened grave awaits my flesh
A sinful mists sweeps around me
Moolight blazing
Like fire in the sky
In a stream of darkness
I float away...
through the pain

Ride the wind and fight the demon steel shining bright
Standing together forever onwards flames burning strong
Hot wind in hell
I was born in the sign of Racea
From lakes of fire I rose
Born in flames to unleash Armageddon
The powers of Hades are in my command

In this
Silent woman in the night, you came 
Took my seed from my shaking frame 
Same old fire, another flame 
And the wheel rolls on 

Silent woman
Fire-fucked, in league with sin
Spawned by flames, He grows within
Gonna bring this world to it's end
To the depths He'll then descend
Arise once more
Blazing - mighty
Empowered by darkness

Shattered remains
Pierced by deep earth
Dreams of mortals
Enclosed in flames
the rain.
Falling down all around us,
Calling out from a boundless love.
Love had lit a fire;
We were the flame.
Burning into the darkness,
Shining out
This fever I have is because of you
My body is blazing
The flames alight and lick at my ear
So that I can only hear
Muddled words of you
the fire 
Burning 'till its inside your brain
Can you feel the fire 
Burning like a naked flame

Take your time 
One by one 
Everybody get burn,
A mind enraged with one desire
See your flesh burned from your bone
Unleash the storm of your destruction
End your life in fire, in flame
Beast from
Victorious you stand
In flames

Live to kill
Creature of war
Divine is thy soul
Of fire

Oblivious to your mortality
Battle frenzy possesses you
a tower to bum
Torch, a flaming brand, a pyre blazing scourge
Heretics Clad in flames die in silence

It is no doubt the right way
The perfect way to go
A sorcery written in blood
Whispered by a witch in the dawn
Summon the darkness pure evil and death
And gather the legions of scorn
Now van distance be a factor
When engraved in me thou art?

Nourished by the soul my flame
Shall serve to torch the earth

Denial serves me
Contemptuous of impurity, inferno of extinction
Drowning in a sea of fire, the rapture of cremation

Entranced by lucid visions of paradise in flames
Onwards and up through the pain

Ride the wind and fight the demon, steel shining bright
Standing together forever onwards, flames burning strong

I live in
surrounded by darkness
In the thousand skies of age
The evil fire burns in me
My burning hate is so strong...
(take my soul)
worshiping a man
Ruled by law, under holy rites
Destroy this land, where the Christians stand
Taste the sword, blood pays reward

Cast de souls into a blazing
from hell have lust to burn our souls
Death by the flame in darkness we shall fall
Nuclear warfare a war to end all wars
Fire from hell revelations
the murdered children
Their faith in Christ
Being crushed by darkness
Natures truth

Mortals and nightmares
Blood and bones
Flames and corpses
The world