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Dust to death

Dark recollections of my past life
Memories haunt me in black'n white
Divine death now descends
Burning as my existence ends

So the evil came at last Forever autumn dark and cold A screaming silence
Haunts me Frightened by reality and the way humanity became Memories will
I am the venom, I am the serpent born of flesh
I am of carnage, I am the dark one, killer of man, I am death
Architect of your destruction
the carnage is complete

I've seen the blackest decade, seen
Through the eyes of the present
Released by the burden of lust
Provocation of the flesh
Winds whistle
Frosty trees
Gloomy darkness
It drains the light
World of chaos
Corpses of carnage
It is snowing
Black snow from the sky
ravished by the seductress death...

[The Scion of the Storms:]
Dethroned 'ere Atlantis fell, haunted by a dark queen's curse,
My son's soul shackled by
to see time rolling by
To case the thoughts of regret
My bad conscience tears me apart,
How will I ever forget

Dark recollections
Gnaw my inside
like ivy
Up my spine
Through my nerves
And into my eyes
Cuts like anguish
Or recollections
Of better days gone by

But it's all right
the storm.

Black cloud of arrows, red storm of swords,
Dark wave of carnage... slaughterfall!

By blood and steel I rule!
a power surge!

Stay... away.
There's something I must say.
This light reduces all that's in it's way.
In... the dark.

Ignited by a spark.
A fire
ever-nearing death 

On and on we go
'Til we catch up with those monsters and the carnage can unfold
On and on we go 
Catch up with those fiends
In emptiness I roam
Through the sombre dawnings
I am a living dead
Haunted by shadows

End my fucking life - I will not cry
Let me fucking burn
The pentagram hordes, the riders of doom,
drink the christmen blood.
tomorrow we'll hunt them
beyond the dark forest, beyond the blood...
In the forest
to provoke this raven deluge
Broken steps of the ladder in reversal of attainment
As locusts swarm from madness
Necromantic recollection of existence
In health
Shooting up the stealth 
Wrath and desire of the ancients

Carnage, be done that lit the sun
Behold the black star rising

upon mankind? Bringers of carnage and destruction, pestilence and decay! The Z'xulth! 
Secrets once known by the forgotten peoples... ancient
Broken loyalty to life after death

These dark thoughts of this revival
Answered by the prayers of this carnage
Confusion caused in the spread
the layers of decay with vicious rancor and bitter scorn
To get at the cold, dead heart of the matter which we bring forth to
Carnage canonized
Disemboweled corpses rot
As I slash and mutilate
The lost and unprotected souls
Denied by god that I have slain
Empowered by my master
The dark reigning lord
rising... her Spirit is one with my Soul...
Together in Death, bound by Iron and Metal. Forever now, WE TAKE THE THRONE !!!" 
to the sensational
And amazing "Carnival of Carnage"
They said it couldn't be done, they said it wouldn't last
But boys and girls and everyone we got a carnival for
Ladies and gentelman, welcome to the sensational and amazing... Carnival of
Carnage! They said it couldnt happen, they said it wouldn't last, but
Leader: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the sensational
and amazing... "Carnival of Carnage"
They said it couldn't be done, they said it wouldn't last
to the sensational
And amazing... "Carnival of Carnage"
They said it couldn't be done, they said it wouldn't last
But boys and girls and everyone we got a carnival
[Thoughts of an Iceni gladiator, awaiting the opening of the arena portcullis:]

[Memories of rebellion (Carnage at Camulodunum):]