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head up
Untie the knot
My little sunshine
Hope is never light-years away

Let your senses be ignited by streams of neon singing in the dark
em know we in the house 
CL hit em off with the verses 

Never judge a book by the cover; discover the Soul Brother 
With the Mecca Don Workin'
 in knots
 Knowing that I'll never learn to brave the 
 waves if I stand by the docks
 Love is hampered by thought, if you can handle
you profiling, it's probably be more violence than looking
I'm so stylish, but I ain't talking eBay, no high end fashion either
If you catch me by
Death ain't come here lookin' to talk
Do I stop somebody in the dark stop
Somebody help me, help me somebody
Inside, in this cup is worse than them