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Sitting by my stereo all alone 
My baby calls me on the telephone 
She says, baby take me out for a dance 
I tell my baby I feel so bad 
I can't
In some magnetic trance
Our beating hearts would dance
And crash down from afar
Oh how strange fate is
Never dreamed of this

Fever. You set my
the rain

You can dance

I like the jungle fever
It's got me in the mood again

You can dance

Oh tutti frutti 
Jones bar Hollywood

You can
I stood outside the Lucky Star
Staring at the flashing sign
It read: come on in and watch young
Scarlet's body come alive
Let her dance for you

The fever's raging in me 
So strong, my flesh grows weak

Possessed by this beauty I see


In all my life I've never known
When Joe the Georgian gets here
We will dance

We all set off together
On this sorry ship of state
When the captain took the fever
We were hijacked
Over the sound of slightly innocent feet

So I take her by the hand (Whoa, oh)
Then I lead her to the floor (Whoa, oh)
With the music in my
attention, proud to be noticed
Driven by thirst, successers bleed
A vicious beauty, scorned for a thousands yaers

Fever inside, inside fever
This is ot
(Italian) and Country Classics Albums.

Everybody's got the dancin' fever
Everbody'd love to rock and roll
Play it loud and baby play it better
[Lyrics by Thomas Karlsson (Russian Translation by Diana Vensktyte)]
[Music by Christofer Johnsson/Johan Niemann]

Êàê ìåòåëü èç Ñèáèðè ïîÿâèëñÿ
In graceful dance of ever, as fountains have towered above me
The days of celebration and that of the foul lake
Fathers of the knell...
...burn up
Get on up and dance

Feel like I'm down here by myself sometimes
I'm ready to break this groove down
You're ready

So I'ma let
on the radar screen is telling him where to go
The funky fever's getting louder, sounds just like a soul encounter
Cruisin' for some bar-be-que right up Central
Blinded by the vision
I turn and face my back to the wall
Cause I'm locked up in a rhythm
The prism of a big glitter ball

Wrapped around your
But since we ain't got that 
I'll do the Screamers Dance 

Some of us are ugly, angel, 
Some of us are only small 
Some of us are useless, sailor,
she'd come with me...Cause she had a fever
For whistlers and jugglers...and singers of songs.

And the whistler will whistle her...A song she can dance
of a dance craze
By "Jesus cross and the cruel nails"
Followed up by "torturing little beaver"
With their contraption of barbed wire
Between the fear
Standing by the speaker, suddenly I had this
Fever, was it me or either summer madness
Cause I just can't stand around
So I get closer
to dance again.

It's like a wave and it's building out there, 
Heading for the shore.
Knuckles whiten, the knots are tightened,
The time and tide
Take me to your playhouse, baby
Please, please, for a little while
I fall to fever when I'm by your side
You send me chills cold sweat desire
else to go

Me and Lazarus kept bailing on that riverboat
Floating by the choir rose
Bobbing in the ebb and flow

Whoa, whoa, whoa
Guess I had
Have I become
Bug under thumb
For your scented nails to grow by.
I need out of my shirts I think you'll find attractive.
On your hill perched so
to die, That loses his desires
All are not merry that dance here lightly
Fear follows those who live by the sword and fire
My heart was my weapon,
am made of stone when I hear your sexy moan
You are all I need, love and hearts will never cheat

We can dance all night, soul to soul and side by side
Stillbirth redemption
Sterility dances to the rapturous
Sound of the knell
Let fevers rage and ravage
The deluded minds of all
Surrender to atrocity