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it's on to the next sport
New Mercedes sedan, the Lex' sport
So many cars D.M.V. though it was mail fraud
Different traps, I was gettin' mail from
screaming rest in peace to Chuck
This that D-M-V, we up at K-O-D
And I can CC you these C-C's
But don't be O-C

Uh shout out to that cellulite
Got a real bad
It was me, D, the M-V-P, the blunts and brew things knockers and Wu-Tang, M.E.T.H.
O shit, look at those lips and hips on that bitch
We hit the crib
and God align like a D-M-V
You rappers are neon green
Yukon Denali wanna be G-MC's
But overdose on Christ see a G-OD
G-O-D that's what you see on me