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Be-l-o-o-d-s-h-e-d now!
Be-l-o-o-d-s-h-e-d now!
Be-l-o-o-d-s-h-e-d now!
Be-l-o-o-d-s-h-e-d now!

I pledge allegiance to disobedience
For which I
The d.h.a.o.h. opens the book
The d.h.a.o.h. opens the discussion
I am the adversary and must remain the adversary
I am not yours to embrace
I am
are you A.D.H.D. A.D.H.D. A.D.H.D.
You jump around like you A.D.H.D. A.D.H.D. A.D.H.D.
You kiss the steel like you A.D.H.D. A.D.H.D. A.D.H.D.
You fuck
So sicher wie Falschgeld (besser gedruckt)
Verbrannt mit Liebe

Verbrannt mit Liebe
Für die Ewigkeit
D. h.
Hab Liebe benutzt,
- um
address D: H: S. S.
Cause I'm quite disappointing
Yes I'm quite disappointing

Quite disappointing, it's a disease of the neighborhood
-You mean laike thais?: 

Let me tell you about American Idioth 
Here's a couponette for an punch to the face 
Put that gun to my temple
Put that gun in my heart
Let's walk off the plank, Chi-Cha
All always, all always into the dark

are here it's the beginning of

We are the last sons past generations
Left it to us to resonate
Reggae and hip hop, dance hall to punk rock
D-H is
Listen to your heart D.H.T.
I know there's something in the wake of your smile
I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yeah
You've built a love
It's almost ova ho
She ain't no ho
Check out somethin' on my computer real quick
P-I-M-P-A-N-D-H-O dot com
It's fo' sho

makes meat out of the soul
There's a D.H.S.S.S. Volvo estate
Right outside my door
With a Moody Blues cassette on the dashboard
There's no hate
Introduce you to ace hood!
Get Em.
More money more problems they hollar I get em, I got em

Bitch I am ace. that'd H to the double O D and when you mention
It was nothing short of superb
Even d.h. lawrence for all his novels
Would have been shocked had he heard
You were the best fun
and four out of four kids with the initials A.D.H.D. has an annoying, self-righteous mother who wouldn't just shut the fuck up and take her husband's last
chambre d'hôtel sur la mer
Histoire de faire le tour do monde
D'ítre la fiancée do corsaire
Tout en restant une putain de blonde

Qui chanterait blue
Dans ce train qui se traîne
Dans des forêts d’H.L.M.
Sous un ciel de fumée
Elle se cache peut-être
Dans un coin d’fenêtre
Mais comment la trouver- Eh Eh
It all started back in 83'
It's when I first came an O.B.G
The set that I claim was the L.B.C
And none of these niggas couldn't see H.D (why's
Gibt das Leben dir Zitronen 
Frag nach Salz und Tequila all die Idioten
Die siehst du doch nie wieder
Sag einfach F.I.C.K. D.I.C.H.
Na hora "H" no dia "D"
Na hora de pagar pra ver
Ninguém diz o que disse não era bem assim
Na hora "H" no dia "D" na hora de acender a luz
Na hora "H" no dia "D"
Na hora de pagar pra ver
Ninguém diz o que disse não era bem assim
Na hora "H" no dia "D" na hora de acender a luz
I ain't got no P.H.D.
So if you want your freedom P.D.Q
Divorce me C.O.D

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R.E.D.H.O.T. and never come to complain, 
We be dem digital 

Oh turn the day to night
Oh turn it back to day and then rain
Say them weed they be
was going for his P.H.D.
The I decided to drop out
Then I decided to drop out
Things were getting a little to hot

Billy stayed there, became
to surrender,
Hard times I've had enough.
If I could find a place to hide my face,
I believe, I could get back up.

Time will show, when,
I don't know.