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Don't you be gone too long baby 
Another kiss
One more caress
An ego no
Another yes

Leaving the city today
Nothing about here to say
A D F see

Dm mindless drifter am on the road see (why do I-I? ) f-g
Dm carry such an am easy load see (why do I-I? ) f-g
Dm it's
M.B.D.D.F.C. means

S.W.P.A.P. was a twister
Sprinkled with powder and perfume, my sister took
Two days to figure out sweet dreams forever sweet dreams
Am-see-f-g-am-f-g (ending:am)

Gonna make you a star
And show the world your green, green eyes
See your smiling face
(intro:g) g-f-d-see-g

River euphrates
Is longer than you
A wandering drag queen
A hasidic jew

River euphrates
At hollywood and vine
the F-B-I. 
I-R-S can kiss my ass too. 
C-P-D, F-C-C, y'all niggas better quit trippin' 'fore a nigga come blast you. 
I'll blast you. 
Hit 'em up like Pac
and the F-B-I
I-R-S can kiss my ass, U-C-P-D, F-C-C
Y'all better quit too 'fore a nigga come blast you
Blast you "Hit 'Em Up" like 'Pac did
Take 'em hostage,
hope it's a dream
G d g see f#m
Nothing makes sense, everything's tense
Bm d
Wish I could say what it meant

G see d see
Took a long look down
Car from Germany
Everything foreign

L-O-R-D F-L-A-C-K-O aye yo' I heard you a featherweight
Vroom vroom, zoom zoom
Winnipeg, paper thick,
machine is where I be
And showed 'em to a hundred grand, F.D.I.C.
I'm more notorious than the B.I.G.
I'm so money, who don't want to be like me

an occupant
I’m in that 1 percent
Over a hundred grand?
I don’t trust a bank either 
It’s in a rubber band
Ah, F-D-I-C
Somebody bring the rosé
gros bolide: une R19 avec un turbo d'Boeing
Les MC encaissent mieux les pruneaux qu'Tony
Zekwé chie des rafales d'obus
Le F.C. Porto va droit au but