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cupcakes and puts on her jumper 
Explains that she'll be late to a worrying mother, 
She meets me in Piccadilly. 
A begging folk singer stands tall by
don't get fed up
My people rise, my people fight
My people do alright
My people walk with pride and
We're marchin' side by side and
My people laugh,
do a 180, you will turn away from me
Put your spear in me, put the fear in me

Old magazine by the Bemis toilet
Strategically placed for those who
must've been worn 

Wit ten of my dusted friends I, I get up in you like Keith Murray 

Make your whole crew shit stew beef curry in a hurry 

call Earl, 10 months in this gut, what the fuck,
I wish moms would hurry up, so I can get buck wild,
Juvenile with the mics 'n' shit, New York, New
poor ass hoe a Uber 'cause she ain't got no whip
Thirty golds in my mouth like I'm Stephen Curry
Thirty clip in my Glock 'cause I'm a damn Warrior
a flurry
And like the spice up in you throat
I get ya chokin like that curry
Somethin bout the police and them lights that get me worried
Made a lap up
brown grade for me
High grade topper grade medicate for me. G
Ive me meditation give me vibes in a hurry
A boom draw of herb keeps me curry. 
Way back
so horny 
And every girl I know be like, "He's so corny" 
I want money in a hurry 
I'm gettin' tired of leftover curry 
I want to fall off, but I
stand the heat then move to Cleveland
Only here for the weekend, bring a freak friend in a hurry
Always looking for that three, Steph Curry
I'm like
could enter at a time

Stuck in the center, read the signs
A thousand doors to choose
You better hurry
Don't stop, shit is getting hot as a pot of curry
of curry
Hurry Hagen Das or banana
Fruity fruit, tell her I'm that raspberry fella
Now ruff boom busters, caramel custards
Cockies and cream, like
I ain't in no hurry so I don't drink and drive
The alkaholiks we gets funky when we drinkin'
Just a lil somethin', to pump up the thinkin'

their cats and dogs
And that's because their misers, fucking cabbies in a hurry
Covered in the stench of curry, and they're awful drivers
The law
and anyone who came with 'em
Curry in a hurry taking shots and I'm draining 'em
And I can't seem to find a single drop worth the shame in 'em

Yeah, y'all
You can tell I'm real, by lookin' in the ball of my eye.
I will get some cream from it, one day, your baby, and my baby.
Can my some dough on Teem