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Kongos · Curious George

Because the fun is outdone
By a barrel of one
If that one is the furriest

If curious means 
You trade your routines
For something free

The freedom
who would believe me 
Troubled by the thought of it, 
I can't deny 

That I'm curious, never meant to hurt you 
Just curious, I can't
(John Kongos)

Would you follow me if I search for another life
Would you walk with me through the dark and the hungry times
If I said, "I'm gonna
the gutters 
Mothers leave their sons 
While the curious men 
With their curious smiles 
Leave rejected in pairs 
One by one 

From action, not from fear
and eager to know
Curious and eager to know
What every good girl knows
What every good girl knows

Years drag by without a flicker
There's no affection
[Originally by John Kongos]

(He's gonna step on you again)
(He's gonna step on you again)
(He's gonna step on you again)
(He's gonna step on you
Bitter tea

I've got a special category business
Down by the multifunctional Dr. Sun yat-sen memorial rollerblade rink
Down by the home of bitter tea
places in my mind
But I can dream
Until I go

Of smells that I don't recognize
And by the river
In Shanghai
The color of the sky

Is something
Well hell if I
Should decide
To give it more
A little effort
Well hell if I'm
Tempted again
One little fight
Replace by lust for you

I'll ask my
longer kelvin mercer but the posdnuos
Plug one yo I found fun
In the scribblin' of speak
On a naked white sheet
Most recognized by my dark brown self

Amber, neon, wet concrete
A well-worn track a smothering heat
They curious pet in an open cage subjected
To his masters rage. oohh

A portait
having kicks 
Slow down 
Don't fuck things up by getting sick... again 

You had fun experience 
Nothing he does ever makes sense 
He is only curious
there is a view
and the spine
straight and erect
hungry and curious
looking forward to

…the air
never can get back by day,
Nor can remember plain and clear
The curious music that I hear.
Up on the toe
There is a view
Up on the toe
And the spine

Straight and erect
Hungry and curious
Up on the toe
Looking forward to

The air
Up on the toe
There is a view
Up on the toe
And the spine

Straight and erect
Hungry and curious
Up on the toe
Looking forward to

The air
By the twist of your mouth and a tear you've allowed
There's a rumor believed to be true
In an ignorant bliss there's a secret you missed
You can't call hell
A quiet town
But you walked so shell-shocked
Have you found a way to stand?
Your head is high
You have, oh, such curious
And when your heart starts breakin', a little bit of love, yeah, is all you need

And when I hear a car screech by and I listen for the song
Once I was traveling across the sky
This lovely planet caught my eye
And being curious I flew close by
And non I'm caught here
Until I die
brewing inside of me now.
I don't want your pity,
Just the promise that I'll be alright.

Cause I am the captain of this ship,
Curious hands
I figured you wanted to original sung by a couple of
People, including Gertrude Lawrence.)

Before you leave these portals to meet less fortunate
There's a hideous price to pay
For knowing the beginning

Blush protoplasmic icon
Shows the presence of them
Called upon by curious mortals
curious, a little insecure

They call it love it might be premature

But they don't need excuses

She's just that girl from another town

Know her name by
It was a curious sight to me
A castle older than a redwood tree
Once lived in by royalty
Who taxed and raped the land

Mostly now it was stone