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Jóvenes pordioseros.

Vos te pensaste que estaba muerto
Que nunca más me iba a levantar
¿Cuánto darías por verme en tus rodillas?
Real G 4 Life
Ba by
ÑEngo Flow

Se que me tienes ganas
Por la forma que me miras
Los shots te chotean se que me deseas

Ganas te tengo
no puedes hacerlo tu,cuanto es? doscientos,
trescientos o mas cuanto vale tu hijo que precio vas a pagar?
para la gente que por el negocio lo que
qui jamais ne crève

I'v got birds inside my head
Like a music played by band
And the two pump, the two jumps
The two pump, the two jumps
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    by Script
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Wha, you cluckerin' motherfu

Listen if you wanna make the deal, you fat motherfucker!
It's at 477 Savona Way, 4 A.M.! And don't fuck me!

Hey I
why our four tour buses hit more cities than Greyhound
Hip-hip hooray, Tha Liks is on the way
I'm like the homey that drops by, and stays all day
love it (Dogg Pound Gangstas)

Twenty inch dub on a 6-4 hoppin'
Pull up and see it's already poppin'
And let my squad on the tu-be	
under the A.C. 
Niggaz be fakin', pullin' they guns out they holsters 
Keep my shit right by my dick like I'm supposed to 
New Starang, I been this way