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(Brendan "Brush" Shiels/Noel Bridgeman/Gary Moore)
I'm building myself a crystal ball,
Where I can go to find it all.
Surrounded by glass forever
Shit, is this my life now?

My crystal ball never showed me what life was like
My crystal ball never showed me a life so bright
And yeah you show me what
Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Dark Lotus Family, It's Our World
Lookin my crystal ball it's alright
Welcome, my curious sisters and brothers
the light electric dancing through the air
Here by the ancient castle wall
Can you see the future locked within the crystal ball

Here in the spotlight
Softly the crystals falling on 17th Street do their dance and die and are
gone Millions of crystal balls roll around your feet and nothing gets done
Man over me
Man over you
Man like a fist
Man want to rule
The crystal ball
Predicts the fall
Man over lord
Man overboard
Feels like we're
You know I just can't see you now
In my, in my new world crystal ball
You know I just can't free you now
That's not my job at all

Move it on up,
through the sky
The crystal ball's energized
Surely that like the cat waiting
Lucretia rocks away
Night by night revealing, stares into his crystal-ball
Telling tales of past and future
When man was made and man will fall

[Music: Wiklund]
[Lyrics: Schulman]

Looking through the crystal ball
See the future in the painted glass
Inside the soul of a haunted one
For the love of it
As an addict
Throw out your statistical charts
Break the crystal ball
For the gray mirror
Makes the gray grayer
Fuel the motor
Nothing could ever be so wrong
Put a finger on it now before it's gone
And leave a message by the door
Before you're gone

Maybe crystal ball
For the truth
No crystal ball
Can help see it all
But where we gonna find
The dreams to feed the babies

Baby life goes on
That's what people say
crystal ball for you?
Do you see an old wound fade into the blue?

I will be your lifeline
If your ship goes down
The way that I see it
You've got
Smooth like a rolling crystal ball
Heading for a sideline straight towards the fall
No one will get through
No one will get through at all
what we all desire
It's not a foxy lover 
Or the call of higher powers

I smash my crystal ball
I burn my tarot cards 
'Cause I can't hit the notes
of castle and sad crystal balls
While your heroes on posters stand guard on your walls
These are the wonders of the younger

And I wonder why we just
Now one thing's certain
As time moves on some things change
So don't you worry
How the cards my fall
You'll never need a crystal ball
chain and a crystal ball attached
You're coming from the wrong direction

And as I sleep tonight I'll dream of you
Sleeping somewhere far away
He watches witches weaving wonders
Seeing the future past and present
Of messages the universe sends
Inside their crystal balls of thunder

And you let her see every little thing
In your heart, a clear crystal ball
It's a hard, lonely fight

Hey, hey, fighter
You can stay with me
Hey, hey,
find it again. but when the muddy river starts to rise it covers us all. and when I look into your eyes two tiny clocks two crystal balls we begin again.
if I can pass it by
It's just the way I feel

Imitations of life are all I see
You'll be screaming at the walls
'til you break the crystal ball
the right decision

He has no crystal ball
But he sees the future
Doesn't like what he sees, but what can he do
Little girl passes by with a baby in her
to use
Your crystal ball
To know where I'll be, always

I just want to hang around you
Every day and night
All of my life around you
Hang around you

All I