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Sooner or later it all comes crushing down (crushing down),
Crushing down (crushing down)
When everyone's around
I bet you would've paid up or you'll
Grieve once and grieve a lifetime

A carcass with a heartbeat
This is no answer within
I have lived in a hole of suffocation
Caged by my own doubt
Created by Humanity ...against Humanity.
Cold crowling Death
Crushing mighty roar
Deadly touch of fire
Merciless invaders
Hudge lurking hunters
Are we crushing 2 nights?
From the bed to the floor
Ooh I know what you like

You got that feeling by that
Look on your face
I'll take the position 
Assume the missionary part 
You work by committee  
You had me pegged from the start. 
I'll be pounce pony  
Stinking island
Por goofiar
En crushing automovil
Chasing voices
He receives in his head
Crack crack crackity jones
forgive me
Jose Jones
You need these walls
For your own
I'm moving out of this hopedaje
I'm afraid you'll cut me boy
Thirty miles by
Hundred miles by
Forbidden on the eve of the holocaust
Imprisoned by the mentor of Death
Held hostage by the slayer of innocence
Beyond darkness there's nothing but

Albion Autumn, where did the will go?
Below the crushing sea
Deep is the water
Kneeling by the edge
Lips kissed faintly
Will I see again?
hang themselves.

Hardly a day goes by
When your hear that fatal cry
That hoping feeling
To comfort distress
So cold so warm
So resentful
Manipulation, Tormented Minds
Maneuvers Capitalize On Innocence

Power Wielding Deeds Crushing My Head

Sickened By The Action

The Senseless Abuse

goodwill to men
From heavens all gracious King
The world in solemn stillness lay
To hear the angels sing

O ye beneath life's crushing load
Whose forms
Concealed from his light abandon all that unifies

Been fooled so long by the lies of this unholy adversary
Flee the lies, the godhead has been split, exiled
Concealed from his light abandon all that unifies

Been fooled so long by the lies of this unholy adversary
Flee the lies, the godhead has been split, exiled
End a day to shun
My senses slip,
a lie begun
From all to none
The black as painted by the moon
Colour filth from which we're hewn
and were on our way
Now it's

Brain washing dirt bike
Ground shaking dirt bike
Mind bending dirt bike
In control

Soul crushing dirt bike
the Lightbringer knows

Traversing the cosmos with stars as its eyes
Crushing the galaxy, nebulas die
A nova erupts its soul into space
The Big Black's the soul
Whipped in the eye by the sand
Malicious have light of day obscured
The sun has burned my skin
Open wounds are licked by sand

To be punished by
Didn't intend to enrage
You say I've got a way with words
You say I always run to them 

Tonight I feel abandoned
By the muse of my heart
Tear by
Force yourself another meaning
You're lost but not forgotten
Challenged by another side
Search for clarity
Denied, your wills been broken
Fear by name, love by numbers
Street lamp amber, wanderlust
Hide her in a blunderbus

She looks as if she's blowing at kiss at me
And suddenly
keep you right by me
Jesus tell us was this all part of your plan

Crushing burning to the earth
Hold you tight even if it's hurts
Our mind raise
The infinite abyss forever holds

Total annihilation
We are your masters now

Crushing your premonition
Crushing your premonition

Towers fall into the fire
Buried in the sand 
An ancient talisman touched by a thousand hands 
In violence uncharted waters call to the desert's inner soil 
But lead us
the hammer down,
It's the country-fried truck endorsed by a clown!

Canyonero! (Yah!) Canyonero!
[Krusty:] Hey Hey

The Federal Highway commission has