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a crimson blue 
As the world turns for me and you 

By the light of the moon glowing 
While the warm summer wind blows 
'Cross the sill of your window 
don't have your style, 
But she don't cross her fingers when she smiles! 

When she smiles, 
She's like a sweet honest child, 
She don't cross her fingers
and the sun to linger
Twists the world 'round her summer finger
Lets you see the wonder of her arms

And if you've learned your lessons well
There's little more
Words of love when your heart is aching
(I will be) blue bonnet by the highway
I'll be everywhere and always

[Chorus: ]
Through my window, cross
a sorry life to live lovin' a sharecroppin' man.

On our youngest daughter's finger sets a simple copper band.
Boy we worked last Summer's gone and asked
an answer to the dream of the man I can be

Set my sail by a star
Into the world of raging sea, left my home
Oh, goodbye my love, your tears break my
Pushing, pushing horsemen ride 
Lords of summer undenied 

At last the thawing has begun
Come trade your darkness for the sun
Melting the chill
the world outside pass us by
Right here in our Arabian Nights 
Until the Northern Lights cross the sky
There is no other

Indian summer, the storm that
within you
Of unborn children glad and free
Within your fingers the fates are spinning
The sacred binding of the yellow grain
Scattered we were when
don`t want my love 
Set me free 

I see you walking by 
Love light in your eye 
I just remember all those lies 
So don`t cross over the street to me
Well it's time to begin as the summer sets in
It's the scene
You set for new lovers
You play your part painting in a new start
But each gate will
Now the girls in telluride do it like this
Cross their fingers when they kiss you
Don't say nothing behind your back
And they don't take nothin' that
Keeping the time with the flicks of your fingers 
We fell asleep too tired to remember 
All the things we did that afternoon 
To make my summer
the winter breaking all of that apart
Through autumn leaves I see your face right now
Your dress is wet with the summer rain
And though we loved I must erase
The girls in their summer clothes
Pass me by

Kid's rubber ball smacks
Off the gutter 'neath the lamp light
Big bank clock chimes
Off go
(I will be)
Grain of sand in the Kalahari
Magnolia by the Mississippi

(I will be)
Bird song when the day is breaking
Words of love when your heart is
Hoping that my hook scraped your tooth
In a city that was hung by that old devil moon
I scaled a steet called St. You
Baby bled on all my keys
She set
The Cross is all
All I need to see
Oh, praise the God of Calvary

By Your wounds I am set free
By Your blood I've been redeemed
The great divide You
Don't you tell on me
I know I'm a criminal
Don't you tell on me

You can cross your fingers
But you can't cross me

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
to ransom me

I am forgiven at the foot of the cross
I am accepted by the power of Your love
My every stain is washed away
I am forgiven

Here I stand
Costume of control
Excitement soon unfolds, hey
Easy, baby
Call the queen, now
Be my bride
Ragin' darkness
By my side
Seize the summer
In your pride
an answer to the dream of the man I can be

Set my sail by a star
Into the world of raging sea, left my home
Oh goodbye my love, your tears
left behind

Cross your fingers and pray for winter
I'll be there painting the town your 
Favorite Color
I guess I'll call or see you around
By design
In your time

Feel the wind
And set yourself the bolder course
Keep your heart
As open as a shrine
You'll sail the perfect line

And after

And if by chance you're not at home
You can reach me, baby, by the nearest pay phone
I gotta cross my fingers and pray you'll know
To dial my heart