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She's got her back to the doctors
'Cause she knows where it's at
Oh yeah

999, maybe she's fine, blind to her crime
Consigned to keep trying
Craig david & mark hill

Girl when you call me on the phone
Said your all alone
I said that you could drive by my way
Said I was
a little bit better
In my pink sunglasses
You can try 'em anytime you need a change of the weather
At $9.99, I'm perfectly disguised
When I'm walking by
a while
In my beautiful neighbourhood

In 110 they haven't paid the rent
So there goes the TV with the
Repo men
In 999 they make a living from crime
Who lives in a house like this?
Who lives in a house like this?

In number 69 there lives a transvestite
He's a man by day but he's a woman
Have you seen this face
Does it ring a bell
Does it strike a chord somewhere in your mind
And there's a big reward
If you help us solve this crime
can't refuse

One crime, baby, I can't forgive
The kind that hurts where I live
I'm a nice guy, I try to wait and see
If you'll get caught or go free
We're all children 
Right from the start 
We're only human 
Knowing inside we are 
Blinded by crimes of the heart
How deep is you wish 
How high is
Words and music by rick nielsen
Give me passion, Ill make it good
Im not crazy, just misunderstood
And I wanna be caught with you
Oh yeah
they can`t refuse
One crime baby I can`t forgive
The kind that hurts where I live
I`m a nice guy I try to wait and see
If you`ll get caught or go
to say I love you
A crime to say I care
Is It a crime to want you madly (gladly)

Without you even there
Is It a crime to be remembered
By someone
everybody runs for Hokey Pokey
It's the natural thing to do
It's the natural thing to do

Down in prison number 999
Working like a bee in a hive
ballin guru ass type shit you
Can relate to, wake to, `scape to when it`s sunny
Ride by, slide by, get at a honey
I know these streets like I know my
it`s sunny
Ride by, slide by, get at a honey
I know these streets like I know my dick
I can tell you who the nigga is that`s about to get jacked
ah rock and everything is just fine
We no need no violence we no need no crime,
And if you deal with dat dem call 999 
Babylon will beat you up
poisoned by the chemistry
99.9 Pa Cent of these niggas suck dick in the industry
Swords in my back, all for the benjies
I'm screamin off key, another body?
You feel my eyes touch yours
So lightly now
You can't be there where I am
Cos I'm there al by myself
Location 999
End of the night

Hey girl
Surrounded by our moats
Such a shame, oh such a shame
Our sins won't help us float

I'm leaving this world behind
Making up for all our crimes

Sex crime, sex crime
Sex crime, sex crime
Nineteen eighty four
Nineteen eighty four

I'll pull the bricks down
One by one
Leave a big hole in
Can I take this for granted
With your eyes over me?
In this place
This wintery home
I know there's always someone in

Sex crime
Sex crime
took me  by the heart when she took me  by the hand.
Crime of passion.         
A beautiful woman and a desperate man.
Well I thought the thing
Electric guitar gets run over by a car on the highway
This is a crime against the state
This is the meaning of life.

To tune this electric
I give what I need to give
I take what I need to take
I live how I see fit
I choose to follow through

My only crime is loving you
My only crime is
a permit
Murders occurring but low level crime is the type their concerned with
Yeah with a microchip bill gates is a serpent in person
You relied
from over-stimulation, inflammation

by my reckoning you now have five seconds before lapsing into a coma
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