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and on the third day rise again

This is the basis for the Christian creed
There was a resurrection, the truth on which we feed
If you choose to reject it you'll
to see
An emcee (like D) inside the place (to be)
And have you heard that he is third and his name is Jay
I'm Run the A
D the Deuce
And Jay's the Tre'
I sleep wit one eye open, that's my third, that's my word
Gave it one try hoping to fly the whole bird
Turbulence occurred
Cause shit was
I'm an anarchist, no wait, I'm an Antichrist
Couldn't find a third six of my scalp so I used a knife
Scratched it in, I'm wasted, getting trashed
Devil in hell, grant all for which I pray

On the first night: Bosatsu towards the South
On the second: Kannon towards the West
On the third
fuckin' thing I do I'll

Yeah, Immortal Technique, Rassy
Nigga, I never forget nothing nigga

Fifty-one percent of the World Bank is owned by the U-S
silly jokers who thinks he can detect us
Super advanced AI chaos theory can't predict us
Jumping out of third story windows, break our necks
'cause we
breath, by the time I flip to the next flow
This sho' is real, this is the deal, guns I'm runnin
Gotta make it out of town to flip my {shit} and keep it
into three
Decided Jesus was born on December 25th 
and raised then on the third day is a myth
Plus to deceive us
Commissioned Michelangelo to paint
efforts are negated by the passive observers.

They spend days before the T.V. set so burned out,
Is it any wonder they've lost all sense of vision