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Written by Lowell George
© Naked Snake Music

Well I am just a vagabond
A drifter on the run
And eloquent profanity
It rolls right off my tongue
Was broken down, by the side of the road, yeah
Was crawling in the darkness like a king snake in the woods
We were hiding in the tall grass
as a ghost in the snow
Your eyes will be blue flames

These lines are crawling snakes up your open legs
You wear them pale and fine
This is the line I'll give
cheek to cheek 
And then we freaked
Had a fight with King Kong Godzilla and rodan
Johnny socko's giant robot and wrestled with Conan
I jumped
of control, that boy balling, that boy top drop low crawling
That boy's nineteen, that boy's not stalling
That boy mash for his green, that boy stacking cash