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Sooner or later it all comes crashing down (crashing down)
Crashing down (crashing down) when everyone's around
I bet you would've paid up or you'll
without you

When the world comes crashing down
Part with it
Start again 
When the world comes crashing down
These notes will fold themselves
It can't stop me now

I, I'll get by
I, I'll survive
When the world's crashing down
When I fall and hit the ground
I will turn myself around
Don't you
of July

Sometimes it's gotta be a no show
Probably end your heart though
Better to learn crashing by
Then never to fly at all
The chances are it
with me down by the sea

Moths touched by flame repeat their fatal game
Forever and eternally, the cliffs around the crashing sea
Unsolved and endless,
The sky comes crashing down
Over my heart racing through distress
This perfect enemy, my open wounds

an undesired end
Through what was meant to be
of the ocean
Crashing down, it's always hard to breathe
Some say, it's easier to give up on it
I say, it's time to rescue me

Lost and lonely people standing by
big deal
It's just the end of the
World crashing down on me
Breath in and out of me
Time will run out before long
He's gone
And it's just the end
I'll return from darkness and will save your precious skin
I will end your suffering and let the healing light come in
Sent by forces beyond
at the right time God comes crashing in 
Just at the right time I'm saved by His hand
Just when I thought all hope was lost and this would be the end 
don't cry
I will only fly with you by my side
Baby I'm cornered now
Baby don't push me out
Lately I walk in doubt
Maybe it's crashing down
Baby can you
Now if you fall answer your call. 
Through rain or storm I'll keep you warm. 
Really a friend now until the end now. 
Never let you down, down
of lovers
Knew every line by heart
But sometimes love just can't erase
What's written in the stars
So before the bitter words come crashing down
I wanna get you singing nah nah nah nah nah
Nah nah nah nah yeah yeah
When it all comes crashing down
Tell me who's beside

You get one chance
the animals drink

Do you hear that sound
The hurdle crashing down
Do you miss that breeze
That's what our brother believed

It was the land
The land
lost, you'll end up found
So amigo, lay them raises down
feel like Mud you'll end up Gold
If you feel like lost, you'll end up found
So amigo, lay them raises down
of woman born!

Birnham wood is growing My world comes crashing down
None of woman born will take me.

Ripped from the womb was I.
a gambling day
His queen smiled low and blissfully
Let's make some wretched fool to play
Plain it was she did agree

He send his deuce down into diamond
hey, yeah

When it all comes crashing down
Tell me who’s beside

You get one chance, you only get one shot
So come on pretty baby show me what you got
Somewhere near the end of everything
What do you care?

As one by one the lights go out and
Sun comes up again
You said it's the best day
lost, you'll end up found
So amigo, lay them raises down
Feeding, a manifest of the shadow below
Redefine the absolute

Crashing down
Through their eyes
One can see
Fear sustained
Weakened by their minds
stand the neighbor's hollering' 

it comes crashing down and I forget 
that some hearts never mend 
and it never ends 
even though I'm not pretending
How come there's so many people willing to suffer?
So they get up and suffer every day
They think they were put on this earth to suffer
And by god