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Fuck the conscious crap, my mac'll push your conscious back
I do this for my culture, penny, nickels in the sofa
Mommy watching Oprah, daddy in
to the devls mesimean
I never scream so loud, I'm proud to be alive
Most heads died by 25, or catch a quick 3 to 5
So be advised, the streets is full
to Cali all the real niggas carry chalk
Mark you for death, won't even talk that East and West crap
Watch the left rack, It ain't where you're from it's
So watch 'em do the Macarena, somewhere out by Pasadena
Love a drug that everybody here just tryna get a taste of
You a waste of the space that you
the speed of a bullet)
Keep it movin', keep it movin' along, keep it movin' along 
(Has more rhymes than any other DJ that has craps) 
Keep it movin', keep
keep on getting mine
So eat a dick

[Chorus 3: (JoJoPellegrino) Kurupt]
What's the verdict yo
(Doing me stuck in my grind)
Let the globe know
The shares are a penny and ever so many are taken by
Rothschild and baring,
And just as a few are allotted to you, you awake
And with a shudder despairing
craps everyday
Getting high on the block
Green bottles of private stock

2 dollar 40's
Sparks tell ya story


I come up
but hard as hell
Tight jeans penny loafers, but I still drink a Bodine
Staying on my me shit, but hated on by both sides
I'm just a kid who blowing up
addicted to money like two fingers tapping on wherever there's a vein,
And believe me, yeah were proud, coz life is getting sicker by the day and therefore
Buck 65-Square 3

Music to be murdered by
It is mood music in a juggular vein and I hope you like it
Our record requires only the simplist