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been through a lot, I deserve a lot, this work's fine

I carry the cross, if Virgin Mary had an abortion
I'd still be carried in the chariot by
it's he or she
I'm the virgin of hip hop
Nobody fuckin' with me
I know your type, you a ride dick nigga
Cry sick nigga, lied quick nigga
Out of turn
Rollin' in a golden Tacoma, the shit's stolen
If that bitch tell on me, I'ma do a fuckin' drive-by in her colon
With my meat, gotta keep it obsolete
the reason why your girl, keep jocking me
Got too many hands, pulling on Big Moe
But ain't too many hands, that Big Moe get thoed
See I was born, all by
Gettin krunk with a nigga, say this song hit a nigga
I keepin shit simple like a.b.c 
We can muthafucken teach you goddamned birds and bees
If you's
something new for moments when I gotta bust
So lately I've been beating my dick with a pair of boxing gloves
I got the maddest rhymes
How dare yo ass deny