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first song came out

Oh, she loves Alan Jackson
And his pretty blonde hair

Oh, I love Alan Jackson

I ain't got a prayer

Well, he tried dressin' like
[Alan Jackson] 
The sun is hot and that old clock is movin' slow and so am I 
Work day passes like molasses in winter time, but it's July.
When my money's low 
And life's a bunch of zeros
I turn on my radio 
And listen to my heros

We got cowboy heros like ol' Gene Autry
Got a home
the meadow we can build a snowman
And pretend that he is Alan Parsons
He'll say have you listened to my new band
We'll say no but we really like that one song
ain’t nothin’ sweeter

It don’t matter where you’re from
Come on in and have some fun
We’re gonna treat you like your one of us, yeah

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh
How 'bout ya show me what kind of cowboy you are?

Are you a Kenny tequila, Buffet margarita
Or an Alan Jackson hurricane?
Are you a good time,
Welcome to Nashville, land of opportunity 
Welcome to Nashville, your cab driver knows Alan Jackson 
Welcome to Nashville, the dreams are
Salt of the earth
We like our whiskey strong
Play our music loud
Get things done by the sweat of our brow

Here in cowboy town, yeah cowboy town
while McGraw did the robot
So Trace Adkins put one glove on if you're gonna dance like that
You move like Michael Jackson but you wear a cowboy hat
(mad drugs)
Bad habits (bad habits)
He smoke loud and it's homegrown
She gave life to the unknown
Birth my name by the tombstone
Spelt my name like
Tuesday morning, 8:15
I was riding to work on the
Jackson Park Express
Seemed like any other day
Then my whole world changed
In a way I never could
Like us all you want, the very best advice
A car, a house a neighborhood, that's nice
Flowers and trees and lots of little kids around
The cowboy's lady is cryin' tonight cause the cowboy is out on the range
Runnin' and ramblin' and chasin' some stray and good cowboys don't ever
were shot down by the National Guard troops 
Just like Uncle Sam I put on my fighting shoes 
School shot down cause there's no more to lose 
Now we're
quite taken in by it all
Till her brother came in the Spring
And he took her back to St. Paul

I don't go down to Jackson
Ain't nothing there but
Any ole dance will do
We like all the Jacksons
Janet, Michael, Tito, Stonewall, Jessie, Reggie, Alan too

Its hip hop and honky tonk
We can bust
And rode with the Seventh when Custer went down
This is the last cowboy song

Remington showed us how he looked on canvas
And Louie L'Amore has told us
the world was waiting 
We're overwhelmed by some sensation 
Of something long ago and far away 

Like general Jackson's arm 
It's buried on some farm
Sun-in on our hair by evening it would look like hell
Orange, brittle - hey who cared as long as it still feathered well
I'd be lost without my email still
(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)

Four wheel cowboy
Four wheel cowboy
Four wheel cowboy
Jeepin' down to Santa Fe

Well, Denver town an'
Traditional, arranged
By Arlo Guthrie

Come all you old time cowboys
And listen to my song
Please do not grow weary
I'll not detain you long
glass that he keeps in the till
Since cowboy took us for a ride with this counterfeit fifty dollar bills
Oh I bet that ring was made outta glass and he's
that bad

Then I asked her if she'd heard of Alan Jackson
And she said, "Didn't he sing that song
Called 'Where Were You'?"
I said, "Yeah, but girl, that
let's rock one and other
Hey ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Nobody rocks the mic like the five of us

[Melle Mel]
You say the bread to the butter
And I like the way you think

But you can't have the waitress
Boy, everybody's tried
There's a cowboy down in Abilene
Who keeps her satisfied