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[Featuring Noreaga] 

intro: [police sirens] 

[Noreaga and Fat Joe talking] 

[Fat Joe] 

Yo  yo  one's for the cash  two's for my facilty
[Intro: Fat Joe]
Ollie ollie oxen free!
Like one, two, three
Red light, green light, one, two, three
Yo I pop six boxes, play some scalezes
[Intro - Fat Joe talking]
Cool & Dre, uh
Terror Squad motherfuckers
They're all gonna laugh at ya, haha
They're all gonna laugh at ya
[ intro: fat joe ]
Yeah yeah
Terror squad what-what
Cuban link what-what
'99, baby

[ verse 1: cuban link ]
Yo ladi-dadi, mami, I love to party
likes you, like I like you
I'm aight with her, she aight with me, be my part time loverr..

[Verse 2]
Girl your ass fat like Joe, you real sweet like Ja