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Through The Country', let's go John

Down the road where the black top ends
You can find Colt Ford with all his friends
We're used to gravel roads,
to earn your keep, 
But in a hard days work, get a good nights sleep,

I know some of y'all think Colt's kinda odd, 
But I'm loud, proud and country by
the liquor to myself
Got a little wealth so I gotta thank the Lord,
Couldn't do it by myself, got some help from Colt Ford
Now we in a Ford, and we travel
yee-haw and then we saddle up

You thought your boy Colt Ford was just a country clown
That bails hay all day and don't know how to get down
Ain't none
night I get to play music
For the greatest fans in the whole wide world
And I'm a keep on doin' what Colt Ford does
Cause that's all I know how to do
on the tailgate
Been doin' this for some years, y'all so late (so late!)
Bangin' OutKast and a little George Strait
Hot damn, Colt Ford back with Bubba K

A toast to the West,
Courtesy of the South,
Brought to ya by Colt Ford, people all aboard.
It’s the Midnight Rider, call me Baby Bocephus
hop, hip hop
I'd rather be fishin' in flip flops, flip flops
Or cross over to country like Kid Rock, and I
Can't see no country singers beefin' over