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[Juicy J]
Now I ain't the one with the magic wa wa wand
But I can break a bitch for the cheese and funds
I don't have to use a gun or even make
Mafia, Insane Clown Posse, and Twiztid!

[Juicy J]
We used to... We used to.... We used to rob for them petty things, 
like a gold chain, know
cause I don't stop
Continuously to make a ho draws drop, yeah

[Juicy J]
I used to always wonder why my girls have fits
When I walk up out the mall
stood on they feet
Now we gettin' tha fuck up out of the hood
That was all wrong but takin some lifes made it right
It was a long night

(Juicy "J")
let back the roof
Your girl down on my head she gripping the head just like a wave cap
And I get them bottles poppin', Juicy J don't save caps

I can't
like it’s my last day
Fuck like it’s my last day (Yes sir)
Fuck boys wanna blast me (Juicy J)
This might be your last day (Joe Budden let's get it)
through so much money, so, s-so much money,
Thumbin' through so much money that I need three hands to count it

Say Juicy J must know magic, all these
Juicy J (Big Gipp)-
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Three 6 Mafia (Here it is)
Know what I'm sayin'
Goodie Mob (Triple Six Mafia)
ATL (Big Gipp)
Stomp motherfucker stomp
Motherfucker stomp

{juicy j}
Hurt nigga
I'm coming out the fucking closet
Stay the fuck up off my dick
I feel the bucking
Now let's fade away, and let Juicy go make it rain on that hook

I want all the kush
I want all the bottles
I want all the cash
I want
now) Blow it down hooker bounce
Come off the ropes like J. Snooka
(Two fly motherfuckers) You can't fuck widdit
Backed by Open Bar, so y'all forget it
Juicy J he ride, it’s the gang or die
The game will stress you out but that’s what this dubie is for
You acting like you know me now
Never knew me
Chorus x3
Gunclaps, we hear the gunclaps
The rowdy gunclaps the bloody gunclaps

(Juicy J)
5 A-M in the mornin'
Nigga heard them tones pumpin' like

[Juicy J]
I can make that thang wet like a sponge bob
Wishin that she present I be standing man that's so hard
We got all the haters in
But everytime them prophets fly, I'm motivated

(Juicy J)
Back in the days
I used to get down
Pockets on e
I can't do nothin' but frown
Feelin' my
(Juicy J)
For all the dirt
That I did to my wife
Forgive me lord
Each and every night
Croked cops
Pull a gun don't fight
Blow you away, leave you out
never be rich
Rather trade a hoe for mackers dis predemption


Juicy J

its on! Why you shakin whatcha want to do
I gotta 357 brand
christian in a bad little somethin to my whole weed
(Whole Weed)!

[Repeat Chorus]

[Juicy "J"]
First my nigga call the freak
tell her she got dick to eat
got money to do it

Take your bitch home then I'm all up in that pussy
Old school pimpin' she ain't fuckin' with no rookie
Juicy J be cooler than a fan
Here we go again
Ghetto field, USA
You know I go by the name Nitty, right?
I gotta introduce you to
Anotha muthafucka in my squad right
The midnight murder  two cop bodies on my heat 

Walk the street with a motherfuckin straight face 

Little shorty flip the script  huh
$100,000 cars now how you gon laugh at us

(Repeat chorus 2x)

(Juicy J)

First I want to grab a nigga by his neck,
Drag him to my fuckin set,
(Juicy J)
At the Dub we gettin buck
Comin like a lightning struck
Cockin back the chrome at the ??
Bitches say I'm fakin it
Players playa hatin it
That’s Juicy J, Folarin, got it then get me those

Bounce it, bounce it
I'm about to throw a couple thousand
Bounce it, bounce it
I'm about to throw
snooze you lose
Me and my down south niggas rule
Fuck the other nigga, we pay dues too

[Juicy J]
This goes out to all my niggas
Flippin cheese and countin