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, there ain't nobody bad like me?
I'm so cool, I said, ain't nobody bad like me?

All together now, COOL
What's that spell? COOL

Band? Yes
Anybody hot? No
on my hand
Moonwalking like Billy Jean
No, I wasn't tryna change the world
All I ever really wanted to be was

Cool, cool
Yeah, we all wanna be
on that beautiful shore 
The melodious songs of the blessed 
And our spirit shall sorrow no more 
Not a sign for the blessing of rest 

[Chorus x 2
Little Farley
Why you hangin' out so long
I can tell by the people
You're runnin' with
That you're singin' a different song

Little Farley
songs buy the 2 Cd's
This is
And collector fever is killing me

Ray gun, ray gun, do you gotta ray gun
This is funded by a major
But shabbily
to learn to her mistake not everyone's alike. 

We're not all a uptight. 
Ah no fuss no fight. 
Cool that way, cool that way. 
I luv I ja
, three
Reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three

Mark and Devo in the corner, heading on in by the speaker
Dressed cool, never known to freak
not enough songs
Hear my song

We pity the poor one
The shy and unsure one
Who wanted it perfect
But waited too long

There's no way to count
What a spot this,
Not so hot this,
Hey there shy one
Come by my one
Please don't rush off
Want no brush-off
I can't compel you 
To buy what
now now now

Come on
Tap your shoes
Tap your shoes
To the one
One-two blues

Now on this magic ride
We go by the stars
To the furthest
I was not woken by the rooster
Nor by the crow's tough song
But the midnight cry of a blood red bird
Brought this sleeplessness on

Threw open
don't die, just try...
Were just some fool with the light song
Open your gun in two
And turn in up the moon
I play it cool till the night is over
carefully designed

Hittin' hard as hell and always droppin'
Bass is the reason why you are rockin'
When you hear our songs and you see our face
Put two
After Hours it was cool

Ten after one I think I'll hop the horse
Downtown late of three of course
Just came from fishing couldn't get a catch
Baby this what you do
This ain't a love song (love song)
Got me losing all my cool
Baby I just want to be with you
No body got me the way that you

[Kool Keith] 

I'm sittin quiet with tons of threats, and Baskin-Rob' 

Extortion is over, I cock back, you lose your fuckin job 

the cool-a** rhymes
The cool-a** rhymes, some cool-a** rhymes
Some cool-a** rhymes

[Chorus x2]

My job is to mainly hypnotize
I'm a take over the charts
the cool-ass rhymes
The cool-ass rhymes, some cool-ass rhymes
Some cool-ass rhymes

[Chorus: Repeat x2]

My job is to mainly hypnotize
I'm a take over
(Leonard Feather)

[This song was a hit for Dinah Washington in 1949 and was also covered by Billie Holiday]
Well good morning baby welcome back
say, I love you
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings
As time goes by

Moonlight and love songs, never out of date
Heart's full
One year, two years, time goes by.
People laugh and people cry.
Every morning the clock strikes eight.
I go to work. 
I close the gate.
If you don't understand, I want you to listen to song for song
Song for song and by the end, you will understand
Thug Talk
So, feel me now nigga
Dialogue: Picture this where it all started was back in Boston, Mass. Some time ago (believe that) and by reopening the doors to all youth a little
lovers woo
They still say I love you
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings
As time goes by

Moonlight and love songs
Never out
somebody else 
By and by 
To sing to when it's cool and shady 
Where the tricky wicky wacky woo 
If you like Ukulele Lady 
Ukulele Lady like a'you