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There's a hungry dog tugging at your frayed ends
But he's just playing with you, he just wants to be your friend

So don't worry, don't worry I'm here by
Let me tell you 'bout a friend of mine
He's a short order cook
Long on speed and he's short on spice
He reads his customers like a book

He's seen
made-for- T.V. world
Creation by committee stunts the growth of boys and girls
I miss the live musicians like Ringo Starr and Gadd
Part of a dying race,
There's a bullet in the gun
There's a fire in your heart
You will move all mountains that stand in your path
Till the end of our time
I'll be by
Happy hair with fashion eye
Climbed up the Ivory Tower
Just forgot what the game was for
Just forgot what the game was for

Sing the streets
and it's all you heard

I just whipped up a new Celine
I just whipped up new Maserati truck
Cookin' by the sink with the fire up
Burned down the house
she's my kind of girl! 

And my heart's kind of full of joy 
Because she told me 
I'm her kind of boy! 

That lady's my kind of girl! 

Words and Music by

To see 
No time 
No place 
Nobody but you 

Will keep you from your 

Let the truth fill up our lives 
Let the choir fire up
He lives alone in his great big house
With collages on the walls and cathedral halls

And he eats at a table with room for eight
And each course is
There's a bullet in the gun
There's a fire in your heart
You will move all mountains that stand in your path
Till the end of all time
I'll be by
the diner door
She felt something like never before
A feelin' so strong right from the start
It wouldn't stop - it was more than a spark

Will I wake with no regrets

I wanna live
I wanna love
Like one more day is
Never too much never enough
I wanna drink in
Everything that I can
it's always there

Give me an open fire
Blazes in your eyes
Burns right through the night (open fire)
I could live nocturnally
I could live without
the fire in our eyes

Light up our lives with Holy flame
All for the honor of Your name
Give us the strength to face the day
Light up our lives with
Burning, burning with desire
Burning for the steel

Hearts On Fire

For years shunned by society
Outcasts, condemned for our beliefs
Our legions grew in
show you how to cook right
This what a millionaire look like

Young nigga in the hood watching out for hustlers
All these niggas with me I love em like
Rescued and blinded by the light
Ain't it crazy how one simple act of kindness
Can open up our eyes

And her heart said: "Fire it up"
And her soul
Just as long as fire is hot
Girl, you have all the love I've got
Come live with me, girl

I've never been in love at all
Never thought I'd ever fall
And the man that she was pleasing was a king 
But her people's lives were threatened 
By some wicked men's plans 
Nobody knew just how the lord was gonna
dope and some shoot it up in they veins
From the home of the game, jacking and cracking brains
Broadcasting live from tha block it's Lil' Wayne

And it's sung by the unemployed
Fight fire with a riot
The class war is hanging on a wire
Because the martyr is a compulsive liar
When he said
proud to cry
Or too live with a lie
Take him seriously, baby

Race to the fire
To the end of Eden
To the city of the lost and found
He is too proud
Bought a farmhouse out in the sticks
Set by the fire most every night
Working on my guitar licks
Before too long I was on my way
Playing from
When you set a match to your heart, fueling it with bitterness and doubt
That's the place that once it starts, no amount of tears can put out
at home
How do you live with 
Do you wear brimstone
Give me the call

Always the sign is fire
I'm being drawn by the heat
Always the same desire