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Stretched to the core of galaxies
Distorted city grids
By a black hole of vanity
Blossoms the age of greed

Beyond the laws of density

The conquest of failure was in the heart of you, 
By the eyes of winter, denial was renewed. 

The conquest of failure was in the heart
Impulses kept under control
How long until I unfold?
Awakened in sweat once again by my dreams a rebirth
Of terror is now soon to be
Many years
the brute that ravaged free
In slight hands beauty weeps
Conquest's deep methodical screwing
Hurt repeatedly
Like the world wound at his feet

Dirge Inferno
Medication for the Melancholy 
Hydrogen bizarro
Out come the wolves swindled by
A Simian seducer

I feel so good
I feel so fine
I feel so good
How strange when
You know the feeling
That something ain't right
You're fooled by the need of being
You're blind to the light
Don't ask where
Conquest of flesh has condemned you to death,
Destroy the trust of the congregation.
Faith insincere leaving wounds that won't mend,
Conquered by Sodom,
piece by piece
Suicide is the best way to stay alive
In the time of no time
Age of mourning has come
The conquest is granted when the black Sun shines
the rights
She lives by night
Deep down in her grave at night
She walks below the land
Gathering victims to her breast
A lurid conquest of man
Shadow in
the allurements face
As my barque drowns toward conquest

Don't quieten the elder's tears
For they've foreseen our past
Covered lies our remembrance
the tortured souls
Of the hollow-eyed heathens in a single glance.

And the sacred fount, by which he communicates

With the gods for he will soon be one
focus in the outward direction the chaos direction i expand in mental conquest and burst like a spore cloud into the populous no destiny too great
Procession by virtue of war, blood stained hands
This fall of creation

Sound this requiem as we ascend, unholy battle until the end
Burning hatred for
Shattering the spell 
Beaten by the lies of failure's conquest 
One step from the "heavens" 
Shattering the spell 

When every breath's a warning
Shattering the spell 
Beaten by the lies of failure's conquest 
One step from the "heavens" 
Shattering the spell 

When every breath's a warning
replaced by human flesh
Loved ones left behind are not forgotten, memories kept fresh by photographs
The will of the politicians is forced and now soldiers
of conquest are atheists

Glory in the highest heaven
Hear... My atonement

We will return to the victorious city
For a proof to the world
Support us, be
Summoned to war
Eternal conquest for power
Gathering armies of death
To fight and kill at will
Sinister weapons of war
Piercing metal and man
Echoes from a lost era
Can be heard through the sounds of wind

Kingdoms of radiant slendors
For ages, have been shining
Conquest of the conquerors
Desires in conquest to
Murder her maim her
Progress possession in blackmail entrails to
Pursuit your end for
Regret with shame no end to shade
will see, my conquest, my victory

As I crawl from the fervent abyss
Bloodthirst takes over my soul
A burning kingdom welcomes me
I'm spawned by
Past tense icons
Locked up in cages
A disgrace to us, (and) a vital sight of (impending) doom
Upheld by insane aggression

No tender repentance,

Tails you loose
Blackest sin
Trial by ordeal
Foreed smile, frozen face annoyed arch enemy

No weakness, no fraility even without empathy
So tell me all about it baby 
How loves a conquest of the heart 
How life's a motel for your dreams 
It's just a runnin' start 
By virtue of the flailing of his conquests
They tied down his casket with the garter belt
Each troubled heart was beating in a sequin dress