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at the U.S. Air Force base
And somewhere in the distance, out beyond the setting sun
They will sign a proclamation: Order 1081

Now, we live down by
the border
Caught by the deporter
The immigration caught you but you got to leave your daughter
We are slowly being slaughtered
So be prepared for the new

Brand new Kakhi's on my ass,
Colt 45 in my glass...
Cadillac Coupe Deville,
Hit The Corner on three wheel.
I got my soundsystem beating real
Fleeing slaughter and the application of terror
Millions pass through the avenue of the damned
Bodies left rotting by the road side
Motherless children
Military personnel are mobilized and waiting orders

Despite the quiet and the deceptive calm, tension is still
thick in the air after last night's
figure it out
Who's in control? This is what it's about!
The World Bank, CIA, New World Order
Revolutionize, Organize, Create the disorder!

Confusions becoming law

Frontiers are see through
Clear thinking is mud
In the techno weed bed
Savage roses bud
Our culture is in shambles
cause you mad outta order 
Beyond categories, another East side story Uh 
That's three thousand miles ago 
Cause cats are shook by past crooks 
together as one and
Tell the oppressor we'll take no less than
Total justice a social setting yo I'm bettin'
We can stop new world order
Start servin'
of crime 
A manifesto so perfectly timed 

Providing help for the helpless, their new commissions strive 
For a stable reeducated society by 1995
tell us D tell us D
Mass confusion g, I don't know what's up
Hey yo man

(it's just another case of that old pta)

Huh man

[Dinco D]
In school
Or stayin at relatives well get a place of our own
And even though the feelin was good
Don't get it twisted naw money we still in the hood
Now a years gone by
tell us D tell us D
Mass confusion g, I don't know what's up
Hey yo man

(it's just another case of that old pta)

Huh man

[Dinco D]
In school
energies become
Associated with the higher levels of perceptible phenomenon, and these new
Forms are then instantly acted upon by the two minds previously
dark, dodgin' poison darts catch one in the left lung I hope that (? ? ?) by itself tracksmart. Act like a part of this you'll find yourself a victim
to maintain the imbalance.
Natives are slaughtered in their homelands
By governments seeking out new possessions.
Most of the wealth of the so called