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911 is a joke
20 years we got here by actin like common folk
Touring the world like a rolling stone
Then the nineties came
Welcomed y'all
Wreckin your ass armaggedeon style
Twenty four seven while
My crew chin check your profile

I'm the master of disaster, super rhyme maker
Grimy by
when it heard the first blast 
And then every dumb action movie was summarily surpassed 
And the exodus uptown by foot and motorcar 
Looked more like
I don't care, Sermon, ayo, Talib Kweli
Come on, Whip, Def Squad, uh, yeah
Brooklyn, Long Island, uh-huh, Red Hook, what?
Hah, Chilltown, let's go,
The rainbow warrior of Greenpeace is damaged in
New Zealand by two bombs.
Live aid rocks the world for the hungry,
A policeman is hacked to death in London,
people skewered and leaks ya fluids
into the streets and sewers, if by chance God sees me do it
Should shoot a big hole down to Hell and lead me to it