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banging screw
Comin' down so fly-y-y-y
Smokin' leaf so high-I-I-I
Slowly rollin' I'm banging screw,
Slowly rollin' I'm banging screw.

What it do it's
Illiodic Shine, just like a palace
Now, release the violence
Heat lay 'em down, off of balance
Snitchin murder comes, when you deal wit
can you speak that?
You need to sneak back to the drawing board Jack...
The Ripper, down with my zipper
You get paid to be a Moe Dee tipster
Tryna knock
get out of it
Any and all should fall, many are small should call
Naughty By Nature the creator of all y'all
Show hope, show no hope and can't cope,
comin' wit' better throwaway rhymes
Then every one of your keepers, punks (punks!)
Do you listen at all?
It's fools that's winnin battles bought by
Yuh, knahmtalkinbout
We over here in the Gridiron, three in the mornin'
This song here is dedicated to all them boys that put it down befo' us