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death with a doubt

Most beloved killer
Such a beautiful vice
Enticed by comforting fear
Such a beautiful vice

Pain and satisfaction, you're dying day by
The veil of sadness that descended
Has been removed with this view
Dear landseer
We thank you so much
There's no doubt you're the best loved artist in
So I arrived, naked and cold
A welcomed change from the abeyance of a ghost town catacomb
No need for counsel I appreciate the time I’m not alone
The cards on the table lie,
And a speech,
So eloquent in reach,
Was made by a passerby,
Passing by the way between
Here and left behind.
That's no word of a lie  

Everyday you show me something new about you  
Honestly I could never live without you  
Look at me here's a soul who'll
good common sense, your choices would be grinning far less
I want no part in this self-deprecating, worthless, chemistry

We made our beds to lie in them
I want to take my time, I want to know your mine
You know there ain't no doubt, I want to know you inside out

The biggest lie you ever told
All our thoughts of doubt and fear are leaving one by one
The more we live, the more we learn, the more we know.
For each of us the road is clear
All our thoughts of doubt and fear (We leave it all by one)
The more we live, the more we learn, the more we know.
For each of us the road is clear
nobody hiding behind a locked door
And no one's been lying, 'cause we don't lie any more

It's only the wind, how it takes you by surprise
Your life is life, mine is just a lie!!!

Time passes by,
everything flows in the same stream
and we are driving down the river..
I pause
By your smile,
I know you think
I'm just a dreamer
And that the way I act seems
Often kind of foolish,
But eyes can lie,
And sometimes words
clever with me

Who would you blame for blowing the flame right out
Is it me? There is no doubt
I can do what I want to do from now until forever
of the doubt
The best in her, I wanna help bring it out
I know something's missing inside
If you let me I can show and prove
Girl there ain't no running from
say this is all I need to get by
The truth is baby it's a lie

Well is it true what they say about it
You oughtta do what I do and doubt it
He won
Completed at nine
The world moves slower I find

No, but I
Learned of time
By your hands

And in shadow water's end
I learned not to swim
can't stay
Surrounded by
(Now you know why)
No I won't stay
Surrounded By
(every lie)
Every lie
hard to see 
But you know when you're there
On the bottom words are shallow
The surface talk is cheap
You can only judge the distance by the company
the background westbound
Huntin' down pussy like a bloodhound
Plus I feel that no style is darker than mine
You can stick that into places where the sun don't
Cautiously take cover in the woodland - no mistakes at all.
Some terrain will catch you at your weakest - careful not to fall.
Stay by the fire,
No one to blame, baby
Sho is a shame

There ain't no reason to doubt me, baby
You know I don't lie
And I tell you from deep inside, darlin'
I'm willin'
love you
From the bottom of my heart
You had no place for me, it was all vanity now 

You fell for one a them sweet lies
The ones you
There's a suitcase, and a heartache,
She was thinkin' of leavin'
But she unpacks, and she goes back, to him.

So he gets by, with a bad lie
And most don't even last the night
No they don't, they say they don't

Oh babe, I've never been so lost
I wanna hear you lie
One last time
Just one
can go after dark
In between a truth and a lie
And it's lit by the light in your heart
The light in your heart
You had the coolest hand
I began