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folks call it love
Up on the mountain down in the valley
Living on sweet vibrations some folks call it love

Come out to the country find your peace
I think I'm gonna like it here

When you wake, ring for Drake
Drake will bring your tray
When you're through
Mrs. Pugh comes to take it away
to you all
Now I know I stole this steam from the Wabash Cannonball

From the great Atlantic ocean to the wide Pacific shore
Up the hills and down
This could be our last goodbye forever
Your spies come clean, 
They told me everything
Your moves I make, 
Penance the fire drake

And if
You tryna come up, I am the come up
I be standin' right here when the sun up
You be gettin' done up if you niggas try and run up
You livin' good,
kinda like drake drizzy rogers or
Drizzy drake rogers I'm too busy to play father
And when it comes to the game I'm to willing to play harder
So harder
'bout John's singing us Drake
These girls are my sons, John and Kate plus eight
When I walk in, sit up straight, I don't give a fuck if I was late
all wishes are stored 
Old an' new . . . 

So be patient, leave it to heaven 
And your wish will come true 
Someday soon . . . 

Words and Music by
I met her in Atlanta she was a dancing in a cafe
With a price tag on her body and a tombstone in her eye
You could tell she was not happy by
[Intro: Drake]
I can buy it all out
But this the only shit that I sip though
So tell 'em bring the waitress
And I won't even ask what it is, no
she can come
In a room full of Neo's I be the one
Girl let's get Rousey I beat it up
You need a fake ID to be in the club?
Uh, I think you put
Bob Shane/Tom Drake/Miriam Stafford

As it fell out on a cold winter day, the drops of rain did fall.
Our Savior asked leave of his mother, Mary, if
drake's spike, jacking my crew like
A pack of wild wolves, tryna howl at the moonlight
If you wanna come at us, god bless, gesundheit
You a pussy, you might
Too tight like drake's spike, jacking my crew like
A pack of wild wolves, tryna howl at the moonlight
If you wanna come at us, god bless,
Stay down for the come up now I gotta multiply
All them digits they were sleeping
I went slipping on my pimpin'
Try to tell 'em I'mma get 'em
I'mma hit
asking "black, white or nun?"
Drake, from Plymouth streaking,
He sinks the galleons with the guns.
Climbing up a creeper chasing flies,
Unzip their
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(Do it, do it, do it)

When we come in all de dance 'nuff D.J.'s shut up, woy!
Six floors up and two doors down again
She misses her family in Japan
We stand beside the window in the hall
The site of the Drake Tower in the fall
by The Joker
Lorraine said I never can leave her
She'd sever my wiener I ever deceive her

Fuck that shit, bitch
Give up my dick for pussy, I'd be
dribble or he fiddle with mics
Look out the window cause tonight the city lit up with lights, cameras and action
May no man alive come through and damage
I know she know better
More cakes than Drake's and more things than ring-dings
It ain't no need to try to gas her to swing
She's not impressed, by
Umm uh-huh 

Hello motherfucker hey hi how you do'ering? 
It's Weezy F. Baby come to 
Take a shit and urine on these toilet bowl
kitchen in a Canada Goose
Famous as fuck but I’m still in the cut when they round up the troops
I’m just a sicko a real sicko when you get to know me
that double shift 
My heart feels something else 
So I went and checked it out 
Cuz last week you said the same 
Called up the Drake Hotel 
You was
saw you wearin' Drake's chain like you was part of his crew
I saw you chillin' with Meek Mill up at the Summer Jam oh
I hope my eyes the one that’s