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Well, let me sing of the losers who lie
In the street as the last bus goes by
The pavements ar empty, the gutters run red while the fool toasts his god
to tell
You dropped me off by the dungeon
Never came in, but I knew that you were wondering
Now are these niggas in this house up to something
Here come the girls
Mmm, oh yeah

Whoa, water, I don't need no lemonade)

Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls,
"Make six bullpen pitchers carry my coffin
And six groundskeepers clear my path
Have the umpires bark me out at every base
In all their holy wrath
my sights and you know what I'm after I'll be in
The paper the news with Ernie Ernesto they'll even print my 
Recipe for pasta with pesto now here's
hold it against me?
Can I buy you a drink?  Your glass is empty
What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
Anyway, you come here often?
they Turner-All by all types of rings and j clothes
I went and got some Ernie Ball strings and a rig for shows
Wig-wearin' hoes love my long solos
and water's going cold.
Your hair is too short and neat.
I'll judge you all and make damn sure that no-one judges me.
You curl your toes in fun as you smile
clips in
Mr. Hooper came to say
"oh my dear friends Bert and Ernie
Here's a little something for each of you from me
Here are your paper clips and here's
Man a mad over your style and you got them infinite
You no run down gal man, to your merit
So gwan buss the place
Gal your body me will cherish, come
to a brand new chapter
Settin' my sights and you know what I’m after
I’ll be in the paper the news with Ernie Ernesto
They'll even print my recipe for pasta
Gonna mulch it deep and low
Gonna make it fertile ground

Slug by slug, weed by weed
Boy this garden's got me t'd
All the insects come to feed
On my
pride and in my eyes

You come and rape me, inside
I have no place to run and hide
I have no place to hide, which I like
Some who look at the time I
Gonna mulch it deep and low
Gonna make it fertile ground

Slug by slug, weed by weed
Boy this garden's got me t'd
All the insects come to feed
On my
I'm giving in

You take me down every time you come around
And make me surrender for you
You found your way into every hiding place
And baby, you
Tell me why after all this time is the light hiding in your eyes
Do I see promises never made or is it just a sweet surprise
Make me high
in the basement with Sadat 
And we discussin' your demise, know it's gonna come 
Sure as the sun's gonna rise, send me the drum 
And Serge is
Walk right in, sit on down 
And make yourself at home 
Come on baby, you're just like me 
And you hate to be alone 

It's funny how things go
Since we're parking in each other's spaces
Would you visit me in my dark places?
Would you come and help me bring it into the light?
Would you
I'll make love to you
In all good places
Under black mountains
In open spaces.
By deep brown rivers
That slither darkly
Through far marches
make the place go

Never indulge in Peppermint Patties or Good & Plenty's
But I once copped a loosey in the store with pennies
Never too bourgeois
'bout two more''

Bottle by bottle I'm clearin' off that shelf
And I feel so good that I'm not quite myself
Now, they're tellin' me that I gotta find
the movement? Superman money in the Ooh building
A few dudes who make a lotta rules sayin' 'you get it'
Right, wavy hair, all my niggaz is polic'
You stay off
come back to me
Tying the pieces together trying to make our love last
But little by little I'm losing living too much in the past
The walks that we
Make no mistake, this is it 
Make no mistake, make no mistake 

It's not we don't have the time 
Make no mistake 
Not in the right place 
make no