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That this world is a perfect place to live? 
Just look into your heart, find the love that's there to give 
Realize that the secret is
she's puttin' on a show and I get to play the clown

I had the wind in my sails and she took it
I had the world by the tail and she shook it
I reached
Come inside my painless world
Inside eternity
Open up your mind
And take a ride
Fly into the night

Broken, wounded world
Broken, wounded minds
heart) Let’s move on it
(My life) Come on let’s share it
(By faith) ‘Cause we can make it girl
(My heart) You can have it

(My world) Come live in it
Out of my mind into a world between
In search of the ancient artistry
Lord Kur, before your sword I see
The house of death is opening
I pressed my face against the glass
Smiled as my breath made some pattern or other
The world beneath unfurled before me like a sail
Glinted in
forgot what he's coming for
Won't take my advice
Go ahead and live while you're alive
Everybody's waiting
For someone to come home
I'll be waiting by
Sweetheart, I was trapped in transit
My lost ride
When your wild eye wandered here lady
Go out by the sweetheart tree
But don't let go
It's how
like a top
Come and help me now and make it stop
All you have to do is live for now
Come along with me I'll show you how
Take my hand I'll show you
your love come crashing
Over me endlessly
Whether you're right by my side
Or whether you and I are a million miles apart
I can always feel you in my
got nowhere else to go

Got no home sweet home
Into this world, some are bound to roam
And it's long hard road we've known
On the way to home sweet
That you are still mine

Oh, makes me want to dance
Oh, it's a new romance
Oh, I look into your eyes
Oh, best years of our lives!

Out of my mind into a world between
In search of the ancient artistry
Lord Kur, before your sword I see
The house of death is opening

Now come into my world and you can see that we are more than thugz
We more than thugz, more than thugz, more than thugz
With just a little twist
these are the days of our lives
These are the days of our lives, these are the days of our lives

Now come into my world and you can see that we are
from rushing by
Born to live one million stories high
Into the night
Into the day

Take me to a town or country
Stranger in a strange land
And I'm
world that I live in
In my eyes, I realize 
No more lies stigmatized
Turn your light in opposite ways
Shine your grace on the following day
Be spelled by the thoughts that you fear
Be mine, be blessed as my slave
If you would come into my life again
I would never hurt you like I did you then
No I'd be so content
So satisfied to live again

I know my face
to live for
I can tell the world, yeah
(By the stars above)

I've come a long
Long way
(Long way)
Ah, sometime I'm gonna cry tears of water
That came
I've seen the darkness
Beat down on the world
Demons awaken into the fallen souls
Love crushed by the people's folly
Sometimes I become aware
Let the problems of the world go by
I don't really want to wake up to the pitter patter
Of little bombs falling from the sky

Tell me that we're
passion, i;m a slave to my trade
How can you be so possessed by the profit that's been made

I live for love where love's insane, I need to numb to ease
An empty swing
Given the chance we'd stop to sing
And watch the world go by

And I tried to take my time
To get back up, hold on and climb
So come, let's share of life's treasures
We'll live a life of passion undisturbed by shame
What you require, I offer with pleasure
Let's fall