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the mountain
The wind from beyond the mountain

Tela was born in a vulgar crooked hut
In the shadow of Wilson's castle
Venomous scorn from a life of bitter toil
thin, fell into a trap
And I'm just about ready to snap

[ Charlie Wilson ]
You have no idea 
[ Roger Troutman ]
(You have no idea)
[ Charlie
[Snoop Dogg]
Beautiful, perfect, flawless, debonair

[Chorus: Charlie Wilson]
Where'd you get that silky skin?
And the colors those eyes come
to love me now 

Don't you know how hard I tried to hold out just for you? 
Lovin' you from mem'ry day by day 
Then someone came into my life, turned my
Into a damp rag
Come on
Hey look, I'm gonna leave you home
Hey you guys just a second, I forgot my note
Just a second I'm gonna go to the piano
the backyard life comes from the same 
Floor my room is filled by love secrets 

That begin at the school and go tonight 
Sleeping into gondolas of love
Hey Babe, I miss you
Babe, I still feel you

Loving you was easy
Easy to mess up
Now blue moon marks the days of good love
My faith is in a bottle
let you come back
Whatcha want to Do? 

Chorus: Charlie Wilson
Cause my heart is yearnin for your love

Verse 2: Mia X
Now we been through
Rock and roll hip hop.

You thought I'd fall off. I'll fall off into this dope-ass rock and
Roll track. Y'know?

Charlie Wilson. Bow down.
This is
[Chorus: Charlie Wilson & Nate Dogg]
She was just a groupie (She just a groupie)
She was just a groupie
She was just a groupie (All she wanted was
Me and my brother was down close to the depot
When I heard the report of a pistol
I hollered, "I wonder what was that!"

He run out and come back

Said hey, girl
I just can't seem to take my eyes off of you
(but who could blame me?)
'cause when i look into those baby blues
I can feel my
hurry by like a highway sign
Hear with your heart while I tell you
What's on my mind

Do believe I fell in love
Do believe I fell in love
Ooh yeah
To *'Stand By Me'
Like Ben E. King said
The rest of my life

Baby! Baby!

It's too (late)
You're too late to wake up
(It's too late to wake up)
of a pistol
My brother run out and come back in all excited

And I said what was it and he said it was the report of a pistol and then he said
Mr Garfield
un cahier
L'autre avec un carnet d'amour

Life comes from the same floor 
Wind comes from the backyard 
My room is filled 
By love
hurry by like a highway sign
Hear with your heart while I tell you
What's on my mind

Do believe I fell in love
Do believe I fell in love
Ooh yeah
Good versus evil, and of course he had sided with good as he had done all his life. And now, he stood and stared into the eyes of Errand Wolfe and he saw
the redundancy of touch
But what will make me yours
Are a million deadly spores
Formed by lovers' ancient art
That go straight to my heart
Come into my door
learn the lessons
That all come my way

Still I dream of it
Of that happy day
When I can say I've fallen in love
And it haunts me so
Like a dream that's
the sunshine
When I look into your eyes
They speak of worlds gone by
We loved another time
My heart was empty
Till you came to be

So come lay with me
Illuminated by the hand of God, boy don't seem shy
(I love myself)
One day at a time, uhh

And when they say it's a war outside, bomb in the street
Gun in
for a new tomorrow
Without sadness and sorrows in my life

There is so much hate around
We need to find some love
So much disillusion
I just got
Come into my life again
I want to see you, love you, feel you
When were getting old the time goes by
It ain't to late before we die
We gonna leave
But you don't care, you don't care
History repeats itself, I seem to be all by myself again.

Come into my life, it's a manmade paradise