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fire and sleep

The devil moon took me out of Soho
Up to Camden where the cold north winds blow
Sucked along by a winter shower
To stand beside your
Uh uh, uh uh, uh uh

A Mastermind
Sees it coming before it comes
A Mastermind
Before he go to war he counts his one
A Mastermind
In style, (Without a doubt) (Yo, 5'9")
In style, (Without a doubt) (Yeah, come on)
In style, (Without a doubt) (Ha, ha, ha, yo, yeah)
In style,
(get back on Kelis)
Oh yeah Kalis, this is what I want you to do
Get on your knees, face me,
I got a milkshake for you and its tasty
Just like your
Otis Redding, "Tramp" the music stopped
Guess the system blew out one of his amps
It'd take a little while, then it come back on
Somebody stepped
the crew and the gang

Woah, guess who's back
Came a long way from sittin' in the flats
Came a long way from when whites never used to mix with blacks
That's that guy that come with the side kangol hat
We take it back from slangin' packs to the stars mission
Older now, I'm in the Rover but it's not